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How to Win More Rewards in FIFA 18 Squad Battles

Squad Battles is a new addition game mode to FIFA ultimate team, offering players the chance to earn a lot of FIFA coins and rewards for playing single-player games. By competing against other players' CPU-controlled Ultimate Teams, they can earn lots of packs and fifa 18 coins based on their performances. In MmoGah.com guide, you can learn how to win more rewards in FIFA 18 Squad Battles.



FIFA 18 Squad Battles Rewards and Rankings

Based on how your teammates perform, your team’s ranking in FIFA 18 Squad Battles changes dynamically, so you might get Silver 1 rank at the first week, but you might get Silver 2 rank for the same points for the following week. The rank is determined by the percentage group of players you fall into, until you reach the Top 100 players, at which point it’s done on your position judged on overall points.

The prizes you accumulate are based on a real-time point leaderboard which continually updates throughout the week, ranking high enough to obtain the top rewards can prove a real challenge.


1. Strengthen your squad

Before heading into Squad Battles, acquire a skilled side is critical.

This new mode’s difficulty levels are heightened, taking Chemistry into account for every team you face. The added toughness ensures each match can provide a real challenge, particularly when facing an array of star-studded sides.

Take the time to strengthen your team before opting hardest difficulty levels. Equip a competent Goalkeeper, defensive Forward and prolific Striker, and you'll find that it is much easier to win the matches.


2. Find your difficulty level

Legendary difficulty is where it's at. That doesn't mean that Semi-Pro, Professional or World Class aren't worth your time. If you're skilled enough, Legendary will grant you thousands of points per-game.

This is the result of a 'difficulty bonus', based on the level of challenge you option for, it increases the total points.



3. Plan your week

Squad Battles allocates four games during the week. It hopped into three different time slots on Saturdays and Sundays, equalling 12 games per-day over the weekend. During the busy periods, you're going to find it tough to remain consistently high in the rankings.


4. Scout your opponents

Each Squad Battle offers a specific style and formation, and you can examine its lineup in advance. Of course, your upcoming opponent should factor into the difficulty level you choose. This is important, as any team’s quality and tactic can have a major effect on how well they'll perform.

Don't forget to take a peek at the opposing team's subs bench. Many clubs pack superstar loan players in their ranks, causing utter devastation when introduced in the late stages of a game. Factor this into your game plan.


5. Keep an eye on the leaderboards

Maybe you could find yourself sitting in the Top 100 within the first few days in competition. The tough part is maintaining that position. Since Squad Battles' leaderboards are ever-changing. If you can't keep up, you'll soon begin to plummet as other players will overtake your total points.


6. Win in style

Squad Battles’ primary goal is to win the matches and accumulate points. But your rankings raise is not because of winning, there are many factors that determine how many points you can earn per-game.



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