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How to Win FUT Champions in FIFA 17

FUT Champions is a new game mode in FIFA 17, which is aimed at grabbing the attention of the more competitive FUT players. Unlike other championships, FUT Champions is an all-new and amazing way to vie in FIFA 17. The game which can be played on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. Here you have to qualify for the league each week and compete for in-game rewards.

In order to stand out in the game, you have to project your skills and improve the Monthly Leaderboard’s ladder. Mmogah as a professional fifa 17 coins ps4 store guides you to learn some basic knowledge and how to win FUT Champions. As you improve and climb the leaderboard, you will also earn rewards followed by opportunities which will enable you to play on the world stage.



Qualify for the Weekend League

Online FIFA Ultimate Team Tournaments are part of FUT Champions. By winning a daily knockout tournament you will earn rewards and your entry into the weekend league.

If you are on the first online division of FUT Seasons, you are in the good way to be qualified to the weekend league. Dynamic squad entry requirements and unique rewards keep the Daily Knockouts fresh.


Weekend League In-game Rewards

Once the weekend begins, the clock starts for FUT Champions. You can compete to win as many games as you can from a set number of matches, push for higher tiers and bigger in-game rewards. From Bronze to Elite, everyone who competes in the Weekend League has a chance to earn in-game rewards to help build his club for the next competition.

The Weekend League gives you 40 matches to earn as many points as possible to climb the ranks. You don’t need to come out on top of the pile to win something, but just like FUT Draft the higher you climb, the better the rewards will be. According to Electronic Arts, these are the biggest prizes seen in FUT to date.

Weekend League rewards are delivered every week, only to who has completed at least five matches in the previous weekend. The cards from the packs are tradeable, which means that you can sell them in the transfer market if you wish. You don’t need to open the packs in the week they are assigned to you. They can be stored to be opened later.



Monthly In-game Rewards

Every month, all FUT Champions club members are eligible to receive an in-game reward and playing FUT Champions. Rewards will change from month to month, different rewards include: custom FUT kits and loan player items. 

Its requirements are: you should be an active FUT Champions Club member and play at least one match in FUT during the month. When the reward delivery date is reached, the reward will be added to the account of every eligible FUT Champions Club member.

These monthly leaderboards feed into the FIFA 17 Championship Series which culminates next summer with regional finals, allowing players to compete for a $1.3M Dollar prize pool.


Monthly Prize Sweepstakes

FUT Champions Club members who live in participating countries are also eligible for a monthly sweepstakes for real world prizes, such as custom Xbox One consoles, controllers, signed football kits, custom FUT 17 Champions collections kits, FIFA points and etc. 


Compete on the Biggest Stage

The FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) is all-new this year, with qualifiers coming from FUT Champions leaderboards and the best players from the Ultimate Team Championship Series. Represent your nation and bring the trophy home.


How to Win FUT Championships

The Ultimate Team Championship is an online tournament, which lets you go for the Weekend League as you win a daily knockout tournament.

Consistency is the key in the FIFA 17 FUT Champions game mode. A strong individual weekend result is only the beginning. Consistent performances in the Weekend League can help you move up the Monthly Leaderboard, which will unlock even bigger rewards in the FUT. Play well enough and you may earn special FUT Champions items to help you show off on the pitch.

What is the most important factor to beat the competitors on FUT championships? The answer is how strong your squad is. The fact is that you need to know the way to strong your squad, which requires you own top rated players. You can buy fifa17 coins (kaufen fifa 17 coins) to obtain top rated players, who can help you gain victory.

The players are split into three categories: bronze, silver, and gold. With the gold players whose rating are over 75, which you need to possess. Earn more coins to buy them and enhance the team strength. You should strive to advance the squad and figure out the ideal formation for your team and lead.

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