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How to Score More Goals in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Scoring goals is pretty much important in FIFA series. No matter how good you are at attacking or defensing, you need to be able to score more goals to win more matches.

If you know how to set up your team, scoring goals in FIFA 18 ultimate team can be made a lot easier. You’ll still have to put the ball in the back of the net, but at least you’ll be making a lot of chances to score. MmoGah’s scoring guide will tell you the most optimal formation to score a lot of goals and how to further optimize your team’s attack.

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FIFA 18 Scoring Guide

4-3-3 Attack formation is the best formation for scoring goals.

1. Assemble a squad of fast players. It is best to use a squad with pace to make up for deficiencies elsewhere, and it will create a lot of chances for you.

2. Put your best finisher in the middle of the front three, since he will be your main goal scorer. 

3. Your wingers must be fast, and they own excellent passing & dribbling skills and strong finishing. 

4. Put a super attacking CAM in the center of the middle three. It is a vital role, since most attacks will flow through this player. 

5. In the wider midfield positions, excellent passers are also good at defending. You can use CDMs or CMs with the right attributes, which will be essential in breaking down opposition attacks and getting counter attacks underway.

6. With your midfield being quite central, it’s important to have a left-back and right-back who can get up the pitch and be instrumental in attacks. Pace and passing are essential here, since these two players will regularly be getting deep into the opposition half.



Apart from this, use the following tips and tricks to destroy opposition when the enemy is on the offensive.

FIFA 18 Scoring Tips and Tricks

1.  Drag your Wide Forwards in, give them the Left Wing & Right Wing roles, and make your Full Backs become Full Wing Backs, so that they can more easily assist you in attacks. Your team’s Central Midfielder should stay back, which can be helpful while defending. Give him the instruction to stay back while attacking and make aggressive interceptions while keeping his position.

2.  Use the other CM to get forward and assist your team with attacks in any way that he can. If he stays on the edge of the box for crosses and has a free roam play style. It is always better to have your Wing Backs overlap each other.

3.  Use your CAM to go forward and get inside the box to be on the receiving end for crosses. If this guy is tall and strong, he can rise above and head the ball into the goal. Keep all of your attackers forward in the instructions tab. The High-Pressure tactic works better than all others.


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