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How to Score Easy Goals from Finesse Shots in FIFA 18

Scoring goals in a one-on-one situation or even simple scoring is tough in the new FIFA 18. You can take it as a part of gameplay enhancement or overpowered goalkeepers, but getting your ball at the back of the net is not at all easy in the new FIFA game. So if you do not know how to play Finesse Shots in FIFA 18, here MmoGah as a professional fifa coins store would like to share this tutorial with you, and you can learn and master some skills.


The controls are straight forward! In order to perform a Finesse shot, you just need to hold down the R1 button on your PS4 controller or the RB button on Xbox, and then press the shoot (circle or B) button on your controller with an accurate amount of power to curve the ball and send it to the back side of the net. The angle is the most important factor behind scoring goals with this shot.

This scoring’s technique is very useful whenever you are heading towards the opponent’s goal at a particular and wish to curl or curve the ball from outside to inside around the keeper for a goal.

You can also pull off low driven finesse shots. Simply hold shoot and then quickly do a standard finesse shot (R1/RB and B/circle) and your player will powerfully drive the ball into the back of the net, just with a little more curl and precision than a normal low driven shot.



How to perform Finesse Shot in FIFA 18

There is no doubt that Finesse shots are the most overpowered shots in FIFA 18, and they are very lethal as well when performed from the right spot. They are far more easy than FIFA 17, but more tricky as well.

We recommend you to take a shot with a player which has high accuracy as well as finishing. This is definitely going to improve your chances a lot while scoring. A better player with high ratings and attributes can easily play the finesse shot from far away, while for players with less rating need to come a bit closer to the post, sometimes inside the Penalty box for scoring accurately.

You should take care of the power that you need to apply while taking the shot. That is why you will also need a player with decent shot power, and then you will be able to score as many screamers from different positions in the game.

- You should keep in mind that Power is very important when you want to score a finesse shot, and based upon you are aiming for a low shot or a powerful curler to the top corner, the power you need to put in is going to vary.

- We all know that the shots are very much affected by the weather conditions in the game. So, you might have to vary the power while taking the finesse shots in rain or snow. Also, you can go for the finesse shot with the player’s preferred foot. Last but not the least, try, try and try. The more you will try, more perfect and comfortable you become for trying the finesse shot from various positions.


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