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How to Score Easy Goals from Corner Kicks in FIFA 18


Corner Kicks are shot from either corner of the goal when a team accidentally kicks the ball out of the field near this team’s goal. The corner kick offers a great chance to score a successful goal.

Corner Kicks are very important during the matches, and you should know how to successfully land corner kicks in your favor, but most of the players do not know how to score easy goals from corner kicks and make the most out of them to score goals.

Corner Kicks will always be “low percentage plays,” it means that you can’t often score from corner kicks, but you can increase your likelihood of scoring with this trick shared by MmoGah.com, and you will be landing successfully Corner Kicks in no time.


1. Pick the right player

You should know that not every player on your team could easily hit good corner kicks. You should pick a player that has the most curve. The higher the curve he owns, more effective the corner kick he will make.

Chances won’t be the default kicker, so open the player select menu and scout around until you find the player with the highest number.


2. Correct position

Once you’ve picked the player who aims the target just beyond the far post.

If he is too far away, it’ll sail over; if he is too close and it’ll hit the bar.


3. The power

In order to score, you need to set the power of the shot. For a corner kick, you must set the power for maximum - four. The higher the power is, the further the curve will be added to the shot.

Anything less will cause the ball to fall short and headed away by the opposition defense.


4. The curve

Once the ball is struck, you need to offer a bit of swerve onto the cross by moving the left analogue stick to curl the ball towards the goal. A small yellow circle will indicate where the ball will land with that specific amount of curve added to the shot. Use the shoot button to take to corner shot when the power meter is at full that is four bars.

The keeper should flounder and struggle to get back into position, allowing the ball to sail over him into the back of the net. This is the secret sauce that makes this corner so overpowered.


This technique is about using the near-post to fire a bullet header into the opponents net. The first step involved pressing down on the directional button twice to activate the near-post runs from your players.

Once that’s done, you should aim at the near-post with approximately 1 and a half to 2 bars of power into the cross. If you have a set-piece specialist, it will work better and increase your chances, but it is hard to come, as not every midfielder will have it as trait.

The final piece of the puzzle is the actual header and you want to aim for the far-post corner of the goal. Take a look at the opposition goalkeeper to see where his position is placed. As for the shot power you just simply need to hold down the shoot button for around 1 second and the header should be perfect.


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