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How to Play Goalkeeping Professionally in FIFA 17

As FIFA fans know, Goalkeeping is a special and important skill in FIFA 17. How to choose your goalkeeper in the game? You should choose goalkeeper's height between 6’0 and 6’5, 6’1 and 6’2 is better mostly, since suitable height can made your goalkeeper get the best agility, reaction and jumping, which can play a vital role in your game. Kept your goalkeeper's weight along with his height in order to keep better body type. Here Mmogah will share some skills about how to play goalkeeping professionally in FIFA17.

1. Camera angle

Change your camera angle to ‘Pro’. You can see where you are positioned in the goal and it also makes it easier to see the path of shot and cross. The camera is set behind the goal and it pans with the ball's position. Pressing "select" will change the camera position from behind the goal to the ball, which can be useful when the ball is further up the pitch for viewing purpose. Watching the ball from your goal line is pretty boring! I wouldn’t recommend playing with the ‘tele’ angle either. You can’t judge if a shot is going to left or right of the goal or if you’re in the middle of the goal. It may take some time getting used to, but believe me you will reap the benefits in the end.


2. A well execution rush

Rushing out with the goalkeeper in the appropriate fashion can be the key to saving a "one on one" situation. Timing and quick reaction while leaving the goal are crucial to your success. If the striker kicks the ball too far away from himself, it can provide you with the perfect chance to intercept the ball, which is also an excellent way to cut the corner and limit the area of the net that the ball could possibly reach.


3. Positioning

This is probably the hardest part of FIFA 17 goalkeeping as a pro. I often hold left bumper (LB on xbox /L1 on PS3) to keep my pro goalkeeper in position. It is pretty competent in most of the time, but when dealing with corner and cross, I would strongly recommend repositioning manually! Keeping LB/L1 held also stops you from running out of position. The last thing you want to be doing is running around like a bird in the area. Your goalkeeper will lose his composure if you do this, allowing the attacker to catch you off guard and possibly score the goal. Keep holding LB/L1 is safe.


4. Dealing with 2V1 (sweaty passers)

In this situation you should keep your goalkeeper in the middle of the goal, just waiting for the shot or pass. You are more likely to deflect the ball away, and then win the ball. I’ve had other situations where the attacker has hesitated, and then tried to pass across the goal to the other attacker. At that point I have managed to intercept the pass by diving in its path preventing a job seeker.

I would advise you not using LB/L1 when dealing with 2 on 1 situation. This is where the attackers have broken free past your defenders. The opportunity arises where the attackers can perform what I like to call a “job seeker”. Their tactic will be bring you out and just before you get close, they’ll pass across to the other attacker and score the goal. The pro goalkeeper will line up to defend against the attacker with the ball, probably at the near post. But when they pass, your goalkeeper will be out of position allowing an easy shot into an open goal. Don’t get caught out!



5. Goal kick

Goal kick depends on your playstyle and other pro players. If you have a tall pro striker up front, you can kick the ball to him for a potential flick on. If you choose this path, do not apply full power to the kick. Your strikers will struggle to gain the ball, and you’ll likely to lose possession. Try aiming for around 75% power and it should 9 out of 10 times land at your strikers head. We recommend to kick down the wings. Using full power for the wingers to run on to. Pro goalkeepers can kick well over the halfway line.


 6. Saving penalty kick

Saving penalty kicks is similar to the true football experience, a roll of the dice. However it is simply extremely difficult to come up with any tactic for the defender, like as the direction, in which the player can execute the shot. Sometimes it may be viable to observe in which direction the player is looking before performing this path, but sometimes player sends the shot flying in the same direction.


7. Corners

This is a popular tactic against pro goalkeepers where the opposition will expect you run out and punch the ball away. Corners can be tricky at times. Do you rush out or stay on the line? My advice is always stay on the line. Keep LB/L1 held down and do not spam pass! Your goalkeeper will only commit to intercept crosses if it is close, otherwise he will get ready for a potential header on goal. A pro striker against an AI defender will no doubt get onto these headers. Your goalkeeper will re position himself to defend against the incoming header, so don’t panic.


8. Playing as the last defender

In FIFA17, the goalkeeper often acts as the last defender, and you will find yourself addressing pass to your goalie, in order to change the side of the pitch that you are playing on. On numerous occasions, your goalkeeper will venture far outside of the penalty area. Holding the button responsible for the goalkeeper rush will allow you to leave the penalty area, and reach the ball headed for your goal before an enemy player has the chance to intercept it.


All in all, we hope that these skills are helpful for you. More skills you can click FIFA 17 news. If you need FIFA 17 coins, you can buy FIFA 17 coins (FIFA 17 coins kaufen) from a trustworthy site, Mmogah is your best choice.


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