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How to Perform Dribbling Effectively in FIFA 18

Dribbling is a vital element in FIFA 18 and it will help you get out of tricky situations during matches. So how to perform dribbling effectively is very important. We MmoGah.com will guide you how to dribble successfully in FIFA 18, and you can easily master dribbling’s art and get out of tight situations with the ball, becoming a great dribbler.


The Dribbling is magic in FIFA 18, and it is one of the advanced techniques that you can perform during tight situations. Now it is easier to change the direction, but tackling is more difficult. FIFA 18 calculates players’ each movement. The Dribbling can also make you vulnerable to ball losses and play through awkward actions in the hands of the defenders.

When opposition players are blocking your player, you can perform dribbling, and your main goal is to keep the ball’s position and successfully get out of a tight situation. Through powerful tricks, you can create chances and leave all players behind you.


The Zig Zag - Perform the Basic but Effective Dribbling

How to Initiate Dribbling

You can press LB or L1 button on your respective controller to initiate a dribbling maneuver. To initiate a specific type of dribble, you can push the left joystick in any direction.

Passing the defender with the ball still in your possession

Passing the defender with the ball can initiate a zigzag movement, which will confuse the defender, and you will escape with the ball from the situation. This is very effective, since the ball will be very close to your player. Almost each player can easily pull this move off, even if his dribbling stats are not too high. This is possible when you are facing the defender and you want to get past him with the ball still in your possession.

Shielding the ball and getting ready for a finesse shot

Press LB or L1 and move the left joystick in the form of a semi-circle towards the back of the player. This is excellent for shielding the ball, quickly changing the direction and getting ready for a finesse shot. This is most effective when you are right in front of the goal.


FIFA 18 No Touch Dribbling

No Touch Dribbling allows you to trick defenders, change direction fast, get past challenges and move around the pitch with ease. Player will step away from the ball with pressing R1/RB activates no touch dribbling. All players can perform no touch dribbling, but their move ratings and dribbling stats will alter how effective it is. Pressing and holding the right trigger at the same time will allow players to perform skill moves. Combining them with no touch dribbling can embarrass defenders.


FIFA 18 Close Ball Control Dribbling

EA has implemented the close ball control button into the game this year. All you have to do is to hold down the LB button on Xbox or the L1 button on PS3/PS4.

The opposition defender or midfielder come at you, and then spin round just like you’re protecting the ball and exit the other side.


FIFA 18 New Bridge Dribbling

The Bridge Dribbling is a brand new skill move introduced in FIFA 18. It is a welcomed addition to the game. You can flick the ball past the defender or midfielder either side of them. You’ll need a couple of meters between your defender and the opposition.

The results are great, since your player will knock the ball past the player and then run to end of it. It’s a real skill that’s easy on the eye and looks incredible when it’s pulled off.


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