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How to Perform Bicycle Kick in FIFA 17

Shirley Huang December 16th, 2016   

In FIFA, the bicycle kick name comes from the two legs that look as if pedaling a bicycle while performing it. A Bicycle Kick, also known as an Overhead Kick or Scissors Kick, is an athletic move in association football. A "bike" as it is commonly referred to or "scissors" can be pulled off from all types of angles and positions.

It is achieved by throwing the body backward up into the air, making a shearing movement with the lower limbs to get one leg in front of the other, in order to strike an airborne ball rearwards above head level, without resting on the ground. Making contact with the ball and landing on your side or back after thrusting your body's momentum upward. Its complexity, and uncommon performance in competitive football matches, makes it one of association football's most celebrated skills.  Here Mmogah as a fifa 17 coins pc seller tells you how to perform this important skill.



Two Major Situations

When you want to clear the ball from your penalty area as a defender.

Bicycle kicks can be used defensively to clear away the ball from the goalmouth or offensively to strike at the opponent's goal in an attempt to score. The bicycle kick is an advanced football skill that is dangerous for inexperienced players. Its successful performance has been limited largely to the most experienced and athletic players.

When your back faces to the opponent's goal as a striker.

It requires concentration and a good understanding of the ball's location. Bicycle kicks can also be done in the midfield, which is not recommended, since the safe and accurate passes can be done in this zone.

Although the skill set and athleticism is higher at the professional level, it’s not as common as you think. A bicycle kick can be difficult to pull off, since it needs enough space to perform, and it takes plenty of practice. A bicycle is not only dependent on the ability to execute one, but also on the situations. When you have ability to set one, at the same time, you need to recognize when to hit it.


How to perform a bicycle kick

Great skill and athleticism

The performer needs to maintain good form when executing the move, simultaneously exhibit exceptional accuracy and precision when striking the ball.

Like any technical skill in the game, a bicycle kick is a test of skill, athleticism and courage. It takes hours of repetition and courage, and it is not only to try a bike, but also to get a quality strike. As your momentum carries you backward, “bicycle” your legs, bringing your non-kicking foot back down toward the ground, and bringing your kicking leg, which you jumped off, up toward the ball to make contact.

From a Pass or Set it up by yourself

You can really do either. Most of the time, players try to perform a bicycle kick from a cross or chip pass from a teammate. Other times it can be a clearance or broken play but most rarely is if a ball is played into you and you flick it up with any part of your body and set it up yourself. That takes more than a touch of class. 

Perform different shapes and styles

Bicycle kicks perform different shapes, styles and forms, such as passes and shots, which depend on the direction of the ball and the position of the player.

Sometimes the ball comes straight down, other times horizontally across while your body is adjusting to it. It happens so fast that you have little time to react, you may adjust yourself to the ball.



How to Score a goal

- Try to always kick the ball with accuracy;

- Hit the goal;

- Land safely.


How to operate a bicycle kick

While holding L2&R1, use LS and point to direction you are facing

Once the ball reaches the highest point, press L2+Circle for flair shot


How to avoid pain

When you start to practice on your bicycle kick moves, it may hurt a little. You could try to practice on a soft ground in the beginning. After the bicycle motion becomes more natural, you could try to perform it on grass.


If you are completely new to soccer, I would not recommend you performing this skill right away. You can take the time to get the fundamental skills first. It is difficult to perform a bicycle kick, but you can buy a high level player to perform it easily, so buy fifa coins (fifa coins kafen) is also a good choice. If you don’t know how to choose a safe site, I trust his guide will help you.


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