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How to Pass and Keep Possession in FIFA 17

In FIFA17, it has extended extra measures of control over both dribbling and passing, but if you don’t know how to pass accuracy, control the pass speed and choose the opportunity to shoot, you couldn’t enjoy the game! Now Mmogah sums up some tips about how to pass and keep better possession in FIFA 17.



Counter Attack

This tactic is the best suited for teams trying to defend a lead. Using this tactic, your team will try to defend deep and absorb pressure, getting numbers players behind the ball.

- Use your key players;

- Build up your speed;

- It’s recommended to have players with high pace rating, especially for the attackers and attacking midfielders;

- Use finishers with high shooting and finishing ratings;

- Passing rating of your midfielders is recommended to be high;

- Keep passing shape consistent and usually triangular.


Hold the directional stick until a pass is played

This is a fundamental FIFA technique. Countless players forget or even fail to grasp, only habitually releasing the left stick, once they’ve set the strength of a pass. If the player under control, takes an extra touch, and receives a minor knock from an opponent, the delay will cause the pass to be played in the current direction that the left stick is held. In short, don’t switch off until the ball actually leaves a player’s feet. 

In a similar vein, heavy physical pressure from an opponent in close proximity can cause a pass to be cancelled. If you see your player stumble or react to a sliding opponent, shirt tug or barge, be ready to set up a replacement pass.


Fix up your passing

The key to unlocking defense and keeping possession is to mix up your passing game to pull team out of shape. 

Now that AI control players work harder to maintain their shape, exclusive use of basic short passes will lead to one-dimensional build up play. Though it takes a bit of practice, use of short through balls to roll the ball into space ahead of a nearby teammate, which can enable you to open up new angles for subsequent passes.


Think everything in advance
It is important to try and think one or two passes before keeping possession. When you are passing the ball to the other areas of the pitch (use the radar or widen your camera angle) whilst you are in possession. This will enable you to see the runs of players or see if their formation has become fractured. You can pass the ball into the correct area of the field where the opposition might be outnumbered or have a huge gap left for you to exploit.


Possession Play

A good tactic for patient teams comfortable on the ball. Using this tactic, your team will move up the pitch when the opportunity presents itself, but keeping the ball will be of paramount importance. Players can choose to support more than going on forward runs. This is a tactic used by a team who is comfortable on the ball, and like to play a short passing game.

When possession is won, they will counter by getting players and the ball forward quickly.

- Safe passing is the key;

- Pace rating of your starting should be high;

- Skill moves are important.


Long Ball Tactic


The best tactic for teams with pacey or shooting in the strikers. Using this tactic, your team will play long ball from the defense, either into the space behind the opposing back line, or up to the target man who can bring it down, or flick it on for his striking partner. This tactic is best employed by teams with a fast attacker, or attackers that are good in the air.

- Use the right weight of pass; 

- Pass the ball to the players who can handle it;

- Passing and long passing are important, especially for your defenders;

- Pace or your strikers should be high;

- Use preferably tall strikers with high pace, shooting and finishing ratings.


Learn to see the whole screen

Try to readjust your focus to look at the entire screen during passing move, rather than staring intently at the individual player under your control.


Build up patiently to create chances and frustrate opponents


Although it is incredibly tempting to try and get the ball into your strikers as soon as possible, which will only lead you to a relatively small amount of success. Be patient, keep the ball, play short 5-20 yard passes and try to work the opposition defense around. Until there’s a specific opportunity to inject a burst of pace, and it is much easier to maintain possession if you walk with the ball.

Once you get into a rhythm, you can frustrate an opponent who favors a high-intensity pressure game with a simple pass and move approach. 


These are the essential tips we suggest you pay attention to when you are playing a passing game. Anyway we hope you can enjoy them with your own play style! If you want to learn other FIFA 17 tips, you can visit mmogah.com which can provide safe and cheap FIFA 17 Coins for you.

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