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How to Make XinZhao Solo the Dragon

John Ryan Date: 2015-01-19 Views: 6411 lolmmogahrank boosting servicexinzhaoleague of legends

Hello everyone, I’m a noob of League of Legends. Sometime early, I saw a video about Pantheon and Fiora respectively soloing the dragon. I think that’s so cool, But when I wanted to try it, I found that I couldn’t , because I didn’t know how to use these champions.


Can the dragon only be soloed by these two champions?


In fact, XinZhao can do it. I tried to solo the dragon by using my best jungle champion XinZhao and I accidentally found that the efficiency is also good. Perhaps because the S5 dragon is stupid?

Now let me tell you how to make XinZhao solo the dragon.

The following are my Perks and Runes.
How to make Xin Zhao solo the dragon

How to make Xin Zhao solo the dragon

If you want to solo the dragon, that’s a good choice. But magic resistance relies on the equipment.


Ability and jungle sequence:
How to make Xin Zhao solo the dragon

I adjusted the skill learning sequence of  level 3 and level 4, learning Battle Cry at Level 3 can have more ability to survive.

If you want to solo the dragon, you must get the red buff because you need life regeneration, either blue side or purple side.


OK, let’s begin! The jungle sequence is Krugs(Smite) - Red buff - Raptors - Dragon. When the dragon blood reduces to about 800, smite can be used again.


Starting OPT:

Hunter’s Machete and two Health Potions
How to make Xin Zhao solo the dragon

After I killed 3 groups of monsters, I didn’t use the Health Potions then I would use them to kill the dragon. In fact, at this time I could recall and upgrade the Hunter’s Machete, but I didn’t do it.

How to make Xin Zhao solo the dragon

Kill! It takes 45 seconds to kill the dragon in all the process, you may let your teammate help make a vision.


Hopefully, it’ll be helpful to you. For more news regarding League of Legends, you can pay attention to mmogah.com. Furthermore, Rank Boosting service is also available at MmoGah.com.


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