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How to Make the Most of Crossing in FIFA 17

Shirley Huang November 18th, 2016   

We have introduced some ways to score goals in FIFA17 last time. Here we continue to introduce another way to win more goals.

Crossing is the best option to score, and it’s even more overpowered in FIFA 17. There is a certain technique to score almost every time is that you whip the ball into the opponent's penalty area.

Getting the ball into the box is key to scoring goals in FIFA. Whether you dribble it in with your forwards or cross the ball in with your midfielders, it’s imperative to get the ball into this deadly area as often as possible, so how to make the most of crossing is critical for FIFA fans.


There are three different types of crosses:

1. Normal cross: Single tap(X)

Press the cross button once when your winger is far from penalty box, and you will slightly move behind your strikers. Ball will take its time to curl and come to strikers' head.


2. Low height fast cross: Double tap

Double tap the cross button, and it will send a lower trajectory ball towards the near post area.

This crossing will go faster and at the level of head, as everyone is already in position to execute.


3. Lightning fast ground cross: Triple tap

The third one is the deadliest. When you are ahead of your striker and at the edge or slightly move inside the penalty box, you can cut back with a triple tap ground cross. Make sure your striker is in position, because it just takes nanosecond to reach the striker, only just triple tap X and immediately press B to shoot. If your striker is in correct position, leave your opponent, even you don't know how you scored.

Maybe you want to try a different variety of crosses. Don't always go for a lob cross if you have attackers who are neither tall nor good at heading. You can go for a low cross by double tapping the cross button, in order to kick a low middle cross with speed or you can triple tap the cross button to kick a ground cross.



How to make the most of crossing?

Make sure your players are both onside, and also in a good amount of space. If the space is too crowded, your players will likely be jostled off the ball unless they’re particularly tall or strong. Make sure the crossing is not close to the goalkeeper, so trying to cross the ball earlier rather than kicking the ball off the pitch.


1. Keep practicing

Try to practice crossing from all over the pitch with different players. After that, you’ll know which type of cross can work well in different situations.


2. Player stats

It is important to choose players, who have good Heading Accuracy and Volleys, and then you can make the most of crossing, scoring is the objective after all. But it doesn’t mean that all players need to have high Crossing. When player reach the goal line, the goalkeeper will try to intercepting the ball, even if player has excellent Crossing. Don’t cross over the goal line unless player can turn around first.

In order to use this crossing efficiently, you will need to use a left footed player on the right side or a right footed one on the left side of the pitch. Run towards the area, and then fake shot your way into his preferred foot to make the cross, hold L1 while crossing and fill 2-3 power bars. Do that, and you’ll see the good result.


3. Crossing angles and player position

This is probably the most crucial tip. If player runs away from goal at an angle with the sprint button held down and tries to cross the ball, player will be lucky to keep the ball in play. Make sure you utilize this and get used to crossing the ball from various angles.

It is important that player crosses the ball is on his stronger foot. This will result in the optimum accuracy for the crossing. Running parallel to the area is also good if you want to whip an out swing ball away from the goalkeeper.

Don't overuse crosses, which will make your game predictable and boring.


This crossing guide will help you find your teammates more consistently from a variety of areas on the pitch. More guides you can visit mmogah.com which is a professional fifa 17 coins website. If you want to own some valuable players, fifa 17 coins buy (fifa 17 coins kopen) is your best choice.



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