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How to Make More Coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

From the game to the pitch, and then across the globe, watch FIFA 18 cover star Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann, Dele Alli, and James Harden put their spins on the latest skill move from The World’s Game.

FIFA 18 is coming out today. There’s no bigger gaming series in the world than FIFA.

In FIFA series, Fut coins are key. You need fifa coins to buy players and consumables, and you should learn how to get them as many as possible, if you want to avoid spending real money. If you master how to make FIFA 18 coins fast at the beginning of the game, you can build a strong squad. In this guide, we’ll detail the best ways to make fifa18 coins quickly and efficiently in FUT 18, and go over the activities you can repeat over and over to ensure your coin balance is always as high as possible. 


Web App - Daily FIFA 18 Coin Rewards

The FIFA 18 web app is free to accessible if you have an EA account and have played FIFA 18. You log in every day, and you’ll get the fifa18 coins as a reward. The web app is also a useful way to join the Squad Building Challenges, and you can use it to manage your transfer activity if you’re away from you console or gaming PC. 


Weekend League / FUT Champions net your fifa 18 coins

Take on the Team of the Week and you’ll earn a nice sum of fifa18 coins.

If you have time to play online matches over the weekend, you can earn some massive fifa 18 coins and player pack rewards. Rewards are given out based on how many games you win, but if you take part in and win many matches, it should be worth your time. The harder the difficulty you choose, the more coins you’ll earn. 

To enter the Weekend League, you should take part in and win a Daily Knockout Tournament first. This is accessed from the FUT Champions option in the online section of the FUT menu. 


Squad Building Challenges earn you FIFA 18 Coins

FUT 18 makes building squads its own puzzle mini game. SBC requires you with building a squad to meet certain criteria. Each challenge includes numerous puzzles, each with its own rewards before you earn the big prize for completing the whole challenge. 

If you’ve built up a large roster of players, you should be able to complete them to earn big fifa18 coins rewards or players that can be sold for fifa 18 coins. Putting suitable players for live SBC onto the transfer market should also help you obtain some fifa 18 Coins. 


Investing early is a surefire way to get the best ultimate team in FIFA 18.

Sell everything you don’t need

If you've managed to get some great players on the cheap price, then it's best to flip these straight away. Make sure to set the Buy-it-Now price as average, then sit back and wait for bids to exceed that figure.

Sell or Swap Unwanted Players for FIFA Coins

This is obvious, but if you have players sat around, you can use them to complete Squad Building Challenges or sell them (as long as they are tradable). List every play you don’t need and make some coins. 

List some players who you don’t need to work on the transfer market. If you don’t think you can use them at all, you can click the quick sell option to get rid of them immediately and make space for new, more profitable cards.


Boost your coin balance quickly

The packs from which you acquire cards, come in three types: gold, silver and bronze. Although the better players are found in gold packs, you should never buy them. Since more gold packs are opened than any other type, the cards found within are terrible value on the secondary market. Sustained play unlocks gold packs in other ways, such as SBC, and shrewd market work will eventually earn you enough coins to buy any player.


Purchase FUT boosts through the FIFA catalogue

You can access the FIFA catalogue from the main menu, a space to purchase extras ranging from new goal celebrations to branded footballs and from extra clothing items to fresh new haircuts to use in career mode.

FUT items include player contracts that run for 99 matches, slots to build extra squads and a whole host of FIFA Coins boosters.

These boosters award you extra FIFA Coins for each match you play in Ultimate Team, ranging from a bonus of 200 coins for each of your next five matches all the way up to an extra 1000 coins for each of your next 15 matches.

Catalogue items are redeemed for FIFA XP, which you’ll have a lot of as soon as you load up FIFA 18 if you’ve played FIFA games in the past.


Remember to stay patient

Don't try and make huge profits on players. Take your time and build up profit slowly.


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It is the simplest way to obtain more fifa 18 coins.


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