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How to Increase Chemistry in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Chemistry is one of the most important factors that you should require if you want your Ultimate Team to be successful. MmoGah as a professional fifa coins site will guide you to increase your chemistry to be successful in the new FIFA iteration. Before you read our chemistry guide, first read fifa 18 beginner’s guide and take a look at ways to earn FIFA 18 Coins fast. Now, let’s talk chemistry.


What is Chemistry in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team?

Chemistry is pretty complex when you really delve into it, but the basic should be quite simple to understand. Chemistry is essentially that how well your team plays together. It is made up of Individual Chemistry and Team Chemistry.

There are three types of Chemistries in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team:

Individual Player Chemistry - Scored out of 10 for every player in your team. 

Team Chemistry - Scored out of 100 for the team as a whole. 

Overall Chemistry - This is a hidden number, which is a combination of Individual Chemistry and Team Chemistry.

A high Overall Chemistry is key to giving your players attribute boosts, while low Overall Chemistry will have the opposite effect. 


How does FIFA 18 Chemistry work?

Chemistry ratings are calculated at the beginning of a match, and are unaffected by any substitution, formation, or general team management change made after the match starts.

Here's how to work out a player's Overall Chemistry:

Multiply Individual Player Chemistry by 10, and then by 0.75

Multiply the Team Chemistry by 0.25

Add the two results together.


How to increase Chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team

Individual Player Chemistry and Team Chemistry can both increase in similar ways, with a variety of factors raising or lowering their ratings.


There are a number of ways to increase a player’s Individual Chemistry in FUT 18.

Player Position - A player's position, marked under his card, will show up as either red, orange or green.

Red means a player is out of position, reducing individual and Team Chemistry.

Orange means a player is not in his ideal position partially, decreasing Player and Team Chemistry. Green means a player is in his preferred position, increasing individual and Team Chemistry.



Links Between Players - The lines between players on your formation view can either Red, Orange or Green. The color is determined by how many linked players have in common: club, league and nationality. None in common is Red, One in common is Orange, and two or more in common is Green. Red decreases Individual and Team Chemistry, Orange increases both, while Green increases both even more than Orange. As each player can have more than one link going to him, you’ll need to have an overall positive result to get a chemistry boost. 


Manager - Similarly to player links, Manager’s nationality or league (but not club) has an impact on both Player and Team Chemistry. If a player shares a league or nationality link with the manager, he will receive a Chemistry boost, indicated by the small green Tie icon on his card.


Loyalty - This is the easiest way to control. When a player has played 10 or more matches for his club, he will receive a loyalty bonus, increasing his individual chemistry for one point. The shield icon on his card will show if you’ve earned this.


Chemistry Cards

This card can be applied to individual player that alter his base stat in a very specific way. For example, if you’re not satisfied with Roberto Firmino’s goal scoring ability, you can apply a ‘Sniper’ chemistry card, which is to improve a player’s shooting and dribbling stats.

If you want Man City’s Fernandinho to be more creative, you can use the ‘Artist’ chemistry card, which can improve dribbling and passing skills.

The higher individual chemistry a player has, the more impact chemistry card has. Therefore, only you have got everything else worked out, you can apply them.

It's worth noting that although all of these factors affect Team and Player Chemistry, it's still possible to have a high Team Chemistry and a lower Individual Chemistry for a certain player.


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