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How to Acquire the Best Squad Building Challenges Experience in FIFA17

Shirley Huang December 09th, 2016    MmoGah News

FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges (SBC) is a brand new feature in FUT17, and it provides new opportunities for FIFA Ultimate Team players to get creative and earn fantastic rewards!

FUT 17 SBC Dynamic scenarios and various challenges will be updated throughout the season. Within this new game mode, there will be many dynamic scenarios for players to complete, including Basic, Advanced and League Challenges. Players can take part in Squad Building Challenges on console, PC or the FIFA 17 Companion App.

Players are able to earn large rewards by completing Squad Building Challenges. Rewards include packs, coins and unique items including special players that are only obtained through these challenges! Not only Squad Building Challenges Rewards are an excellent way to make FUT coins and special players, but also the requirements are a great way to get rid of the untradeable items that you have stored up in your FIFA 17 Ultimate Team club.

Among the challenges, there is a 9 nation 7 league 93 chemistry team with the reward of 50K packs seems impossible for some players, since you will have to spend much FIFA Coins to buy the suitable players to build the squad, and the spend would over the rewards. But we think it is not so hard to acquire 50K packs. Here Mmogah as a trustworthy fifa coins xbox one website will share some experience with you.



Get Starting

When you first select Squad Building Challenges, you will be presented with a tutorial explaining how to complete your first challenge group. After that, you will have three different options: Basic, Advanced, and Leagues, which will unlock large rewards when challenges are grouped together!


Select a Challenge

At launch, select one of the Challenges that are available to you to work towards completing. Let's take a closer look at an advanced “Two Nations” Challenge. This Challenge requires players to build a starting XI of exactly two nationalities with a minimum team chemistry of 60.


Build and Exchange

In order to complete the requirements of a challenge, build a team using items from the FUT Transfer Market. Every pack in FUT 17 will help you get closer to completing specific challenges and unlocking rewards.


Complete the Challenge

Once you've compiled a team which meets the requirements, it's time to submit and exchange for great rewards.  



Some challenges are a part of a wider set called Groups. Completing an entire Group earns you other in-game rewards, so groups are worthy of your playing, more than one challenge!


Unique Rewards

Free FUT Packs;

FUT Coins;

Unique items: special blue and purple SBC informs. These special SBC players are difficult to acquire, but your time of spending to acquire them is absolutely worthwhile. If making coins is your number one priority, you can check out our making coins tips. Furthermore, you can buy fifa coins (fifa coins kopen) from a trustworthy site.


Here are some tips to acquire the best SQB experience

1. Make sure to read the challenge requirements properly. If it requires Gold rare, it will easy to complete challenges that requires Bronze rare. If it requires a hybrid with 11 nationalities, you need to make sure all players from different nationalities;

2. Keep all your bronze and silver player cards, use them for the first challenge. Immediately open the packs you get from the individual challenges, and use the pack pulls to complete the rest of the set;

3. The players stats are irrelevant for SBC, which means that you can use players with lower stats, worst skills or less popular, and you can spend less coins;

4. If you are not sure about the team chemistry that you are building, you can visit our site to learn how to maximize the chemistry;

5. Think wisely which players you select, once you submit a challenge, you will give up other players.

6. The Brazilians, Dutch and French are probably the nations that appear in almost each league, and are easy to use for some hybrids, they can be quite cheap too.

All in all, hope these tips are helpful for you, and enjoying your game.


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