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Hidden Skills That You Don't Know in FIFA 17

Shirley Huang November 15th, 2016   

As FIFA fans know, there are many factors to decide players can win the match or not. Players' technique is the key factor, and it will become more and more highly as you playing more matches

If you want to win more matches, here Mmogah as a professional fifa 17 coins site shares the secret skills with you.


1. Combat pressing with a few tactical tinkers

When the game starts, you need to set the right D-pad and team pressing from the D-pad up menu.

The act of pressing in FIFA has been overpowered for many years, and it is a particular problem online, where human players love to smother you with super aggressive pressing tactics. 

On top of this, you must have auto-player change enabled, where the CPU picks the nearest player to the ball for you, which becomes unbearable, so they have to hold RB for team pressing. Using the right analogue to change player manually, also further helps in high pressing the opponent.


2. First time flick

The first time flick is extremely useful, especially when a defending player is closing down. Stand still as the ball is approaching, hold left trigger (L1 or LT), spin the right stick very quickly, and then flick the left stick diagonally to the bottom right or left of the way you are facing.


3. Rolling drag back fake

Only 5 star players can do this move.

Very useful indeed as not many people know about it or use it. If you play a pass from this skill, and use this skill on wing or before shooting, which can really confuse your opponent. You have to do the flick just as the 360 spin is coming to an end. Basically your player will spin round very quickly 360 degrees, and then smoothly drag the ball to the side.



4. Dribbling boost

Uses this skill regularly to get past defenders, and you will know how effective it is. You can press both triggers L2+R2 or LT+RT depending on controller, and then move left stick diagonally forward slightly or just slightly left or right, just flick the right trigger (R2 or RT) in the direction you are running. Your player will go left or right, and then burst forward with pace. Really works well to beat players.

If you want to learn more skills about dribbling, you can click this article: How to make use of dribbling.


5. Heel chop using fake shot or fake lob pass

This is one of the most useful secret skills in FIFA. You can do this by holding left trigger (LT/L2) and flicking right stick diagonally backwards twice, but that takes a long time, a heel chop can be deadly in pressure situations. You flick the left stick at a diaganol forward, and you can do the heel chop too.


6. Fake shot and Rabona pass

This is one of the favorite moves in FIFA17. Most players sprint down the wing. While the ball is ahead of player, let it go sprint, hold left trigger before pressing shoot, pass and hold left stick in opposite direction. Once master this skill, you can use it in short space and fool your opponents with ease. You have to do this quickly as soon as the normal fake rabona is finishing. Keep the left trigger held and hold left bumper too, pressing through ball button while aiming left stick at goal. Player has to reach five star. Get it perfected and score some wonder goals.


7. Double trigger without ball

This is an effective way to win matches. Without the ball holding both triggers means that you can move your player wherever you want. So if a defender is trying an intercept hold double trigger, you can move your receiver towards ball, otherwise they will wait for it. Even if you are running towards the ball, you can suddenly move away in a completely different direction, which is useful in a number of attacking and defending situations.


8. Supersonic shooting

Crossing and shooting are the biggest challenges in FIFA 17 game, and you need to spend time to master: Hitting the goal is the first thing that you must try and do, so inevitability there is a lot of shots which go straight at the keeper. Eventually, you develop a sense of control and pick out the corners of the goal, both from close range and distance. When you score a goal from 35 yards out, it is a rarity to be treasured.


All in all, we hope these skills are helpful for you during the game. More skills you can visit mmogah.com, and you can buy fifa 17 coins (fifa 17 coins kaufen) from our site when you are in need of fifa 17 coins.

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