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Guide to Players Cards in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

As you know, players’ cards are the most important FUT 18 cards. You can buy hundreds of players for your club through buying their cards. You can have two cards of the same player in your club if each one is in different clubs (player was transferred), or you place him in different squads.

Here MmoGah.com will explain the details about FUT 18 players’ cards. There are a lot of information that you should learn to improve your chances of victory.



Rating and Attributes

The Rating is important because it is responsible for the star rating system of teams. A squad’s star rating is a representation of each player’s overall rating in the squad. This is calculated from the players who are in the starting line-up and on the subs bench.

You should look to a player’s attributes to know how good he is. The six main ones (pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, defense and physical) can tell you that how they play.

Your formation and the attributes of others players in the squad, it may be a good option to choose players that are better in some specific attributes.




When you are planning your squad, a crucial step is players’ preferred position. You should try to respect the player card detail. Otherwise, you will be damaging his individual chemistry and team chemistry.



A player’s performance on the pitch depends on his attributes, fitness, personal chemistry and team chemistry.

Keep your players with high fitness is very important. The fitness depends on the playing time, the effort spent in the match, and the injuries that eventually the player may suffer.

It is important to pay attention to the fitness, since a group of players with good chemistry will have no use if their physical condition is poor. To fix this, you may make them rest in some matches, providing a rotation of your squad, or buy and use fitness cards.



Every match that a player plays is a contract. The only way to prevent a player from running out of contracts and being unable to play, apart from not using him, is buying contract cards. So you should save some fut coins in order to being able to buy contract cards and keep your players available.

The contract card is the only consumable card that you really have to buy.


Chemistry Styles

When a player is released in a card, his chemistry style is basic: the starter style. It means that all his attributes are improved in the same way. You can apply a chemistry style card to adjust the players’ attributes to your squad needs,

The Chemistry Styles allow you to choose what stats can change, but not how much it will change. It depends on your chemistry. You should look very well to what chemistry style he has when you buy a player. You can apply him another chemistry style card or buy another card of the same player with the right style, if he doesn’t have the chemistry style you want.


Six Different Graphic Signs

1. A card has a red folder sign on the top right side, which means that a player or a manager is out of contracts. It is very useful, especially while you are searching managers or players on the transfer market. The sign disappears as soon as you apply a contract card.

2. A card has a red rectangle sign on the top right side, which means that a player is suspended. It is very useful, especially when you are on your main squad menu. The sign disappears as soon as this player is able to play.

3. A card has a red band-aid sign on the top right side, which means that a player is injured. It is very useful, especially when you are on your main squad menu. The sign disappears as soon as this player rests or you apply him a healing card.

4. A card has a pin signal on the top right side, which means that a player has better attributes for one match. The sign disappears as soon as you use him in a match.

5. A card has a blue retangle on the top right side, which means that a player on loan.

6. The Winter Upgrades card has a green arrow on the lower left side.


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