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Guide to Players Cards in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

FIFA 17 Players Cards are the most important and complex cards in the game. There are many cards, so it is hard to understand their roles. In this guide MmoGah.com will explain all the important players’ cards for you.


Regular Players’ Cards (Gold, Silver and Bronze)

These cards are the most basic cards in FUT 17.

At the beginning of the game, all the FIFA 17 players’ cards belong to the regular category. These cards have the innate characteristics and attributes of the players.

Every new player has a default card that is either bronze, silver or gold, depending on the rating. Bronze cards have a rating that is 64 or less, silver cards have a rating that is between 65 and 74, and gold cards have a rating that is 75 or higher.

As the game progresses, players can change the cards’ feature, such as the preferred position or preferred chemistry style. However, these cards are still considered regular cards and the changes made are not permanent. Only the game system can create non-regular cards.


Rare Cards (bright and shiny cards)

Rare cards in FUT 17 are created for players with a unique trait. Such as: the rare cards are assigned to players that are fastest or tallest in the league. Even a player from a particular county can get a rare card. It is wise to look for the regular cards of the same level.


In-Form Players’ Cards (IF Cards)

IF Cards are the most valuable cards in FUT 17.

During the season, EA releases a squad of in-form players’ cards that can change the players’ attributes, based on their real-life performances in their respective leagues. FUT players have a chance of receiving these cards in the various packs available for purchasing through the Ultimate Team store.

To own one card, you should have a player in your team with potential to play permanently as well as he did when he stood out.


Team of the Week Cards (TOTW Cards)

The most common cards among the special cards are TOTW Cards. Every Wednesday, EA selects twenty-three players based on their exponential real-life performances in the previous weekends.

TOTW player can receive a special black in-form player card, and its stats have been boosted. There are two ways to get TOTW cards:

- You can open packs and potentially pack an in-form card.

- You could purchase TOTW cards from the ultimate team market place. The higher rating TOTW cards, more expensive they are, so if you need cheap FIFA 17 coins to obtain these cards, please visit our store!


Team of the Year Cards (TOTY Cards: Blue-Gold) 

In early January, EA selects a team of players based on their real-life performances on the previous half year. The players are selected from the voting of FIFPro, the world-wide professional footballers association and announced in the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala. They are supposed to be the best players in the world. Click here to learn the details of TOTY.


Team of the Season Cards (TOTS Cards - Bronze/Silver/Gold-Blue)

In May and June, EA builds teams based on players’ real-life season performances. Unlike TOTY, TOTS are released with leagues or regions that in total of 14 teams.

Each player is assigned a new blue card which becomes available in the week pack, replacing the corresponding regular card. The ratings and attributes of TOTS cards are usually boosted in four, five or six points. Click here to learn the details of TOTS.


Man of the Match Cards (MOTM Cards - Orange)

MOTM cards are assigned to the players of non-active leagues. They don’t have any periodicity and are assigned for players who have standout performances in real-life cup fixtures. They usually become available in pack for only 24 hours. During this period, MOTM cards start at midnight (UK time), and they replace the corresponding regular cards.

The ratings and attributes of MOTM cards are usually boosted in one or two points, compared with their last IF cards (except TOTY, TOTS and RB). Click here to learn the details of MOTM


Pro Players Cards (Cyan)

Pro Players cards are assigned to real professional football players that play FUT 17 in a bid to make friends and gain exposure. If you don’t play professional football in a top-quality club, you will never get one.

Each professional player chosen by EA has his own Pro Player card. This cyan card is unique and can’t be sold, so you will not find them in packs or in the transfer market.


Ones to Watch Cards (OTW Cards - Black)

OTW card is a new card category in FUT 17 and probably the biggest addition for the game this year. These black cards are assigned to a very limited selection of players replacing their regular cards. Click here to learn the details of OTW.


FUT Birthday Cards

The FIFA 17 FUT Birthday card is a brand new themed card which created to celebrate the Ultimate Team anniversary. Click here to learn the details of FUT Birthday.


FIFA 17 Ultimate Team also features several cards that can’t be classified as regular cards or

In-Form players’ cards. They include: the Squad Building Challenge rewards, the FUT Champions rewards and the Concept cards.


All in all, we hope this guide is helpful for you. More guides you can visit our site.


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