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Guide to FIFA 18 Web App Release Date, Early Access and Offers

Shirley Huang July 26th, 2017   

When will the FIFA 18 Web App be released?

Which platforms are available on the FIFA 18 Web App?

How to get FIFA 18 Web App Early Access?

What are the FIFA 18 Offers?

Here we MmoGah.com share the details of FUT 18 Web App for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team!



What is the FUT Web App?

The FIFA Web App, also known as FUT Web Start, is an online application which allows FIFA players to manage their squads without having to switch on their PS4 or Xbox consoles.

The big advantage is that it is a faster and more comfortable way to manage one player’s club. Most traders use it for searching, selling and buying players or cards; opening packs; consulting and interacting with all the cards you have on the club; consulting the leaderboards. Since they need frequent visits to the market during the day.


When will the FIFA 18 Web App be released?

According to past experience, the most likely release date is Tuesday, September 19, exactly one week before the game was released.

FIFA 17 Web App’s release date was Sep 20, and the game’s release date was Sep 27.

FIFA 16 Web App was released worldwide on Sep 15, the game’s release date was Sep 22.

The Web App has become particularly popular, since it is launched shortly before FIFA is released, allowing players to get a head start in the Ultimate Team market.


Which platforms are available on the FUT Web App?
PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC
If you want to manage you FUT 18 squads in your mobile devices (Android or IOS), you should use the Companion App.

FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch tends to become available a little later than the Web App, but still early enough that players will have time to get to grips with it before the full game is released.


How to enter the FIFA 18 Web App?

1. Click Official link to create your EA account. Please be aware that only one Web App link from the official EA SPORTS domain names.
2. Choose the main console where you will play.
3. Enter the answer to the security question.
4. Confirm the club name and its abbreviation.

Click this article: how to access FIFA 17 web app for your reference.


How to get FIFA 18 Web App early access?
FIFA 18 Web App early access is only available for returning players.

If you haven’t played FUT 17 in the console where you plan to play FUT 18, the Web App will not be available for your early access. It means that only players who have created a security question/answer before August 1st 2017 will be able to use it. In other hand, if you played FIFA 17 you will have to buy and play FIFA 18 in your console until midnight of October 1st (UK time) to keep using the FUT Web App for FIFA 18.



FIFA 18 Web App Offers

Free packs and gifts will be available for players who begin collecting coins and constructing squads before this year's game is officially released.

FIFA 18 Web App early access is not a great time to make the first coins. As usual, you can buy low and sell higher, since no one is playing it for the first time, it will be very difficult to make much fifa 18 coins with trading. Hopefully, there are some offers you can use to boost your game:

1. Starter Pack

34 cards (29 bronze, 2 silver and 3 gold), all the cards’ first pack are untradeable, which means that you cannot sell them.

2. Welcome Back Packs

It rewards returning players for their loyalty and FUT 17 gaming activity. Most of the 12 cards in each pack will be gold for start your club. You'll be rewarded with two Players Packs, each one with 4 bronze players’ cards, 4 silver players’ cards and 4 gold players’ cards.

3. Daily Gifts

The sooner you start, the more you can win. Good start for your first investment in the early FIFA 18.

You can open expensive packs and collect as many coins as you can to focus on trading. Shop for bargaining items you can flip for a quick profit and make a long-term investment in players & consumables that will rise in value when the game comes out.

Build up a good bank balance and collect assets can give you a huge head start on the competition.


FIFA 18 is coming on Sep 29, and we will bring FIFA 18 coins once the game releases. As a professional fifa coins seller, we always share the updated news, and can provide FIFA 17 coins for you.

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