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Guide to FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges Cards

FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges (SBC) Cards are unique items that players can get through completing specific challenges. It is a great way to make FIFA 18 coins, using the unwanted cards you have in your team or cheap cards you find in the transfer market. SBC cards are only available as rewards, so they are untradeable. Here let MmoGah.com shares the details of these FUT 18 SBC cards with fifa fans.



What is a SBC card?

We have introduced FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges before. It rewards the best players with special and unique FIFA 18 cards.

Now SBC is also available to play in the Companion App, players have new opportunities to get creative and earn decent rewards. Players have a wide selection of dynamic scenarios to complete challenges: Basic, Advanced and League Challenges. There are various challenges that are updated throughout the season, and even bigger rewards that are awarded when Group Challenges are successfully completed. Completing Challenges and Groups gives access to FUT packs, fifa coins and other unique items found only through Squad Building Challenges.

SBC game mode’s one aim is to allow players to make use of cards they don’t need or leave rotting in their clubs, completing challenges and earning rewards. FIFA 18 SBC cards are assigned to who completes specific challenges and the items, which can’t be sold.


When FIFA 18 SBC Cards will be available?

They are not available in packs, and they are only available in the game when specific challenges are live. You have to complete these SBCs to obtain a unique blue/purple player card.


How big are the ratings and stats boosts?

Squad Building Challenges winners are rewarded with upgraded cards. The FIFA 18 squad building challenges cards are usually boosted with one or two points, compared to the regular or the last TOTW/special card.

You can have the regular card and the same player’s reward card in your club. However, you cannot use them both in your squad at the same time.


What happens to the Reward Cards’ Prices?

The FIFA 18 SBC cards are untradeable. They can’t be sold, it means that they don’t have a price.

Their impact is minimum in the transfer market. They only affect the player’s other cards that features in the reward card or the cards that can be used to complete the challenges.


How to get more SBC cards?
1. Keep all your bronze cards and use them for the easy squad building challenges in the beginning of the game, then immediately open the packs you get from the individual challenges and use the pack pulls to complete the rest of the set.

2. Make sure to read the challenge requirements properly.

- If it asks for rare Gold card, it is super easy to complete challenge that rare bronze card;

  • - If it asks for a hybrid with 11 nationalities, please make sure to check them. It is super easy to complete an 11 nation "hybrid" challenge when you are able to only use one league.

4. SBC cards are the cheapest options to finish these challenges for lower players.

5. The Brazilians, Dutch and French are probably the nations that appear in almost every league and are easy to use for some hybrids, they can be quite cheap too.


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