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Guide to FIFA 18 ICONS Cards

The latest ICONS Cards came to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team with FUT ICONS. Explore each ICON’s distinct version, featuring unique item for milestone career monent. As one of the best fut coins sellers, MmoGah would like to share something about these special FUT 18 cards. 

What are FIFA 18 ICONS Cards?

FIFA 18 ICONS Cards are a new addition to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team this year. The FIFA 18 ICONS Cards feature some retired greatest football players of all time.

The Icon Cards are replacing the Legend cards of yesteryear, but that doesn't mean the players are less legendary.

The selection of football’s greatest legends has always been a controversial issue in the community. EA does not always choose the best players, but this is justified: the licenses’ necessity for each player, since they are no longer represented any club.


Ratings and Stats

Each Icon will receive three card variants based on different stages of their careers. The feature 'Icons Stories' will seemingly apply to every Icon in the game, with each card receiving different ratings.

These cards work in a similar way with regular cards, but they replicate the attributes based on players’ skills and flair during their careers. Their ratings range is between 86 and 95.

As the game progresses, players can change many card features, such as the preferred position and chemistry style, but they can’t improve the stats or rating in a permanent way. If you want to own an ICON player’s best card, you should try to buy or win his Prime version.


How does chemistry work with FUT ICONS

FUT ICONS chemistry follows these rules:

The same nationality will have a hyper link (green)
Different nationalities will have a strong link (green)
ICONS and non-ICONS players with the same nationality will have a strong link (green)
ICONS and non-ICONS players with a different nationality will have a weak link (orange)
ICONS players will at least have a weak link with every player in FUT 18.

The chemistry of the ICONS are slightly different from other players. They link well with other ICONS and teammates / managers with the same nationality. It is much easier to build squads with ICONS in FIFA 18. You only need to pair Nationality between a player and a Legend to create the strong green link on the pitch.


Latest Players join the Icon Lineup

EA Sports has revealed a few of the latest players: Rui Costa, Alessandro Del Piero and Marc Overmars join the Icon lineup.

 All three players are speedy.

1. Rui Costa (CAM) and Overmars (LM) are both rated at 90 overall, but Del Piero (CF) is even higher rated at 92. 

2. Overmars is one of the fastest players in the game with 95 pace, 89 dribbling, 82 shooting and 81 passing.

3. With 92 dribbling and 92 shooting, Del Piero's takes his overall rating up. He’s got 83 pace and 89 passing,

4. Rui Costa’s physical stat isn’t bad either at 79, with 86 pace, 88 dribbling, 81 shooting and 88 passing.

Three players will form an incredibly strong part in Ultimate Team. Of course, they'll be very expensive on the transfer market, and they can be found in any pack with rare gold players. Obviously, the chances of finding an ICON are higher if you open a pack which contains more rare gold players’ cards.


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