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Guide to FIFA 18 Companion App - IOS and Android

Keep the world of FUT close at hand with FIFA 18 Companion App! Manage your FUT 18 club while you're away from your console or PC. With the Companion App, you can prepare your squad for the next big match, bid on that last minute Transfer and find exciting new Players and Items in Packs.


What is FIFA 18 Companion App?

FIFA Companion app is a free Mobile App for IOS and Android devices from EA Sports. To be precise, it is the FIFA 18 Web App’s exclusive version, which is compatible with the smartphones. You can access to teams in the FUT Championship from an earlier stage.

With this App, you can manage your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team club when you need it and want it, purchase packs, access to transfer market and buy items, consumables, staff or players. It will provide you with a head start into the game.


When will FIFA 18 Companion App be released?

Historically, FUT Companion App and Web App are released on the same day.

This year, it is expected that both Apps are going to be released on Tuesday, Sep 19.


What is the difference between FIFA 18 Companion App and FIFA Mobile?
FIFA Mobile is a real video game and you can play the game itself, without having a console and FIFA 18 account, FIFA 18 Companion App is an application that gives you the chance to manage your console’s squad in your mobile devices. It requires you to have an Origin account connected to FIFA 18(PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One or PC).


What are the benefits of Using FIFA 18 Companion App?

Manage your FUT Club and play SBCs from anywhere using your mobile devices;

Manage your FUT Squads and Club Items by optimizing Chemistry, Formations and Players;

Access to FIFA Ultimate Team game mode, and then you can buy players, items, staff and consumables;

Receive occasional Daily Gifts;

Extend your Squad Building Challenges experience;

Plan your squad with the Concept Squads;

 Purchase packs from the FUT Store;

View TOTW Squad Previews and History;


FIFA 18 Companion App Features

The Companion App is very important in FIFA series including FIFA 18. Since players can keep an eye on the entire proceedings in the online championships.

Squad Building Challenges

Building a properly balanced squad is one of the biggest challenges in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. FIFA 18 Companion App will be of immense importance. Once your Squad is complete, submit it to exchange your Players for exciting rewards, such as different SBC Players, Packs, Coins, and etc.

Transfer Market

Just like in a real-life scenario, transfer market is one of the vital phases while you are taking part in the FUT Championship. Once you own this App, you should stay aware of everything that is happening in the transfer market. SO you should have this App on your smartphone before the online championship starts.

Squad and Club Management
Prepare for your next big match while away from your console. Manage your Formations, Players, Managers, and Consumables. Concept Squads allow you to plan your dream team with all Players in FUT.

FUT Store

You can access the FUT Store directly which puts you in a better position than any other player who hasn’t got the App.
Build up your Club with Packs that can be purchased with FIFA 18 Coins or FIFA Points.. The FIFA 18 Companion App ensures you’ll never miss a special Pack offer or lightning round.

How to get FIFA 18 Companion App?
To access FUT Companion App, you should have an Origin account with a FUT 18 Club and the latest version of FIFA Companion app installed on your mobile device.

Returning FUT 17 players will have full access to the Transfer Market when the FIFA 18 Companion App launches. New FUT 18 players should play several games to unlock transfer market functionality via the App. Please note that you should start on the Web App before use the Mobile App.


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