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Guide to FIFA 18 Carryover Transfer Items

Shirley Huang July 07th, 2017   

FIFA 18 will be released on September 29th, and many players have planned to buy FIFA 18. They are concerned about that which FIFA 17 items can be transferred to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Generally, the most concerned items are FUT coins and FIFA Points.

In our MmoGah.com guide, we will explain which items EA allows you to transfer, and you can prepare yourself for the new FUT in advance.



Transferable Items:

When you move to a new FIFA game, you can transfer some items from the previous game:

Established Date

Whether you are a FUT Founder (those started playing FIFA ultimate team from FIFA 09), or your club was established in September 2016, your establishment date will remain the same in FIFA 18.

So if your establishment date was wrong in FUT 17, it will still be wrong in FUT 18. This will never change.

XP Level

XP level is a system that measures how much experience you can obtain in the FIFA universe.

Every time you earn XP, you gradually build up your leveling bar until you reach a new level. Once you unlock a new level, you’ll never lose it within your account. The higher XP level you reach, the more chance you can unlock the EAS FC catalogue.

Basically, you can maintain your XP level on FIFA 18, and you can even go back to FIFA 17 to earn XP. Keep your XP will give you some advantage over the new players, since you’ll have access to several EASFC Catalogue items.


Football Club Credits (FCC)

These are the coins that used on EA Sports Football Club.

They are basically used to buy EASFC Catalogue items and they will immediately be shown in front of the XP. Remember to save a lot of FCC to buy key items at the start of FUT 18.

These key items include coin boosts, transfer list, transfer targets size and etc.

XP Level and Football Club Credits are important for FIFA 18 carryover items. Coin boosts and catalogue items are very useful at the start of FIFA 18.


FUT Club Name

EA allows you to keep your club name unchanged on FUT 18. When you start playing FUT 18 at the first time, you have the option to keep or change your FUT Club Name.

- If you choose “keep the club name”, you will keep it. If you change your mind half way through FIFA 18, you can through completing manager tasks or use catalogue items to change your club name;

- If you choose “change the club name”, you should create a new club name, and the old one will be available for other players to use.


Xbox Achievements and PSN Trophies

It will keep your achievements and trophies that accrued from FIFA 17 on your Xbox Live or PSN account, but these will be new in FIFA 18.

Each console will not be related to FIFA 18, naturally, since each one is specific to each game.


Non-Transferable Items

When you move to a new FIFA game, you can’t transfer some items from the previous game.

FIFA Coins

If you know fifa 17 coins can’t be transferred to FUT 18, you must be disappointed. Why not? If FUT players could transfer their coins from FIFA 17 to FIFA 18, it would cause massive fluctuations in the market. EA carefully controls the market throughout the year to ensure there isn’t prolonged periods for unrealistic inflation or deflation.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Transfer Market will be its own economy. Don’t worry about that you have not enough FIFA 18 coins, and mmogah.com would glad to offer you plenty of fifa18 coins.


Players, Staff, Club Items and Consumables

Players, staff, club items and consumables can’t transfer to FIFA 18. These items would give unfair advantages and cause chaos on the transfer market. However, ‘Generations’ will allow you to show off your old squads. Unfortunately, you can’t play FIFA 18 with your old squad in any game mode.


Current Division, Record and Leaderboard

Players’ current Division, record and leaderboard status will be wiped out for FIFA 18.



EASFC Catalogue items

The EASFC Catalogue is a kind of store where players can exchange FC Credits for hundreds of items. For Ultimate Team, it’s possible to increase the targets and transfer lists, receive coin bonuses, change the club’s name, increase the maximum number of squads, get players on loan, and even buy “super” 99 contracts for your players. Since this catalogue changes from FIFA to FIFA, you won’t be able to bring items you buy on previous games. But you will be able to redeem new catalogue’ items as long as you have enough Football credits to purchase them.


One-Time Transfer

FIFA Points

FIFA Points are a form of alternative in-game currency (another is fifa coins), and they are the most significant items that are used to purchase FUT packs in the store or enter FUT Drafts. Players are unable to use FIFA Points to purchase items on the transfer market. EA does not sell coins, but sell FIFA points. You will not be able to transfer FIFA points during the FIFA 18 Web App Webstart period, but if you have an EA or Origin Access membership, you can transfer FIFA points during FIFA 18 Early Access. However, this is a one-time transfer, so you’ve got to be careful when you start the game at the first time.

FIFA Points are FIFA 18 carryover items but can only be shared between same consoles, so if you buy them on Xbox One, you can’t use them on Xbox 360; if you buy them on PS4, you can’t use them on PS3.


Lastly, we hope this guide is helpful for you. More guides please click mmogah news.


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