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Guide to FIFA 17 TOTS Blue Card and Bonus Reward SBC

Shirley Huang June 08th, 2017   

FIFA 17 Team of the Season (TOTS) event is underway. From May 12, all players have been focusing on this big event. FIFA 17 TOTS cards are the most waited in form players cards in the game. These special blue cards are given significant stat upgrades compared to regular TOTW and FUT Orange Man of the Match (MOTM).

Within this guide, MmoGah.com will keep you all FIFA 17 TOTS Offers, including TOTS SBCs, FUT Pack Offers and Lightning Rounds!


How does TOTS work exactly?

Each TOTS has 23 or 18 players who represent the best from a particular league or geographic region that are released in packs. The players may be chosen by the community Team or Electronic Arts.

Each player is assigned a new blue card, replacing the corresponding regular card. In other words, during the event, if a player gets his TOTS cards in packs, it is impossible to find his regular cards there. Your odds of pulling a TOTS card from a pack are exactly the same of pulling a regular card in another time.

If you own the regular card of a TOTS player, your card will keep unchanged. If you own the improved version, you will need to buy the corresponding TOTS version in the market or pray to pull it from a pack.


TOTS Bonus Reward SBC

Extra packs for who completes specific SBCs

An even bigger reward awaits fans who stay active throughout the entirety of TOTS! There are 6 Bonus SBCs in total. Each Tuesday, fans have 72 hours to complete a new Bonus Reward SBC. The more Bonus SBCs you complete, the bigger Bonus reward you will receive! If you complete all Bonus SBCs, you will get a pack containing a guaranteed TOTS player item! You can make enough fifa 17 coins to build your team. If you’re eligible for a TOTS Bonus SBC, it will be granted to you on June 28th, 2017.



Completing 2 or more TOTS Bonus SBCs, you will earn a special reward.

2 TOTS Bonus SBCs – Mega Pack (untradable)

3 TOTS Bonus SBCs – Prime Gold Players Pack (untradable)

4 TOTS Bonus SBCs – Rare Players Pack (untradable)

5 TOTS Bonus SBCs – Jumbo Rare Players Pack (untradable)

6 TOTS Bonus SBCs – Ultimate Pack that includes a guaranteed TOTS Player (untradable)


FIFA 17 TOTS Upgrade SBCs

Upgrade your squad during TOTS event with these special SBCs! Featuring tradable and untradeable guaranteed 84+ rated TOTW SBCs from any TOTW, 82+ Rated Players SBC and League Specific Upgrade SBC.

Full details of TOTS Bonus Reward SBCs keep updating as below:

84+ rated TOTW Guaranteed SBC

82+ Rated Players SBC

League Specific Upgrade SBC


Promo Packs

Day 26 TOTS Offers – June 6th

Pack Offers

6pm UK: 25k Rare Gold Packs – Limit: 15 / Availability: 24 hours
6pm UK: 25k Premium Gold Players Packs – Limit: 20 / Availability: 24 hours SBCs

TOTS Bonus – Week 4
Week 4 of 6. Complete 2 or more TOTS Bonus SBCs for a special reward (granted June 28)!
Challenge Requirements
Min. 1 Player from Liga NOS
Min. 1 Player from LIGA Bancomer MX
Min. Leagues in Squad: 4
Min. Team Rating: 70
Min. Team Chemistry: 90
Number of Players in the Squad: 11
Group Rewards
x1 Silver Players Premium Pack
June 9th 2017


Keep focus on this big event, and you can visit our site to learn more updated news.


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