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Guide to Essential Skill Moves in FIFA 17

Shirley Huang November 25th, 2016   

Whether you play football in real life or not, FIFA 17 is one exciting game that keeps you on the edge of your seats.

In FIFA17, there are countless ways to create chances or to remain in possession. A proven method for this is a strong player to run the ball and tear holes in the opposing defenses.

If you have players with strong skills in your team, you can also play the opponents dizzy and outdo with various special moves, but some skills require a certain situation before they can be carried out. Such as the ball under complete control or while you are running. So here Mmogah shares essential skill moves with you.



Berba Spin skill move

This is the most reliable skill move in FIFA 17.  A real positive of this trick is that there isn't much risk involved. You simply approach the opposition defender, flick the analogue stick up, and then waver the right/left, depending on which direction you want your player to go.


The Star Skill Rating

This measures the ability that a player has to perform technical moves. Every player has a skill rating between 1 and 5 stars. This rating shows which skill moves that particular player can pull off in a game. 1 star skill rating players can only do the very basic skills, but 5 star skill rating players can do every available skill in FIFA 17. Players with 3 star skill rating can achieve all 3 star skills as well as 2 star skills and 1 star skills.

The players with higher skills, such as Ronaldo or Neymar is able to perform more complex moves. Players need certain conditions to perform certain special moves. The more stars the player has, the better tricks he can do. If you often use these moves to confuse the opponents, you should pay attention to this attribute. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform all the skills that you want. If you plan on making a fool out of your opponent in FIFA 17, you’re going to need some players with five star skill rating in your FUT. Utilizing skill moves can perform well by some professional players who meet the requirements, and it is a great way to beat defenders in the game.


 Heel Chop skill move

To perform the Heel Chop, you need a player with more than 4 star skills. The heel chop popularized by players, such as Best, Cruyff and Ronaldo can be a devastating move that can send a defender the wrong way and create an opening for a goal.

The heel chop is basically a modified version of the fake shot. To perform this skill move, you should hold LT and press B, press A on Xbox, and then press Circle and X. If you perform correctly, it will look significantly different from the normal fake shot that performs without holding the trigger on the controller.

The player will change direction at great pace, putting the ball between his legs. If the player performs correctly, he should send a defender the wrong way. It is an excellent move to master, and it is best to use on the wing to cut into the box and create scoring chances.


Advanced Rainbow Flick

Straight from Okocha's handbook, the rainbow flick looks spectacular when it's successful, but you will lose possession.  

Our suggestion is that you should learn two skill moves at least. They will be very important for you, because they can decide you will win or lose a match.


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