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Guide to DNF Multiplier in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

DNF is the abbreviation of Did Not Finish in FIFA game. It was introduced in the game as a way to punish the players who foul games frequently. The more times a player fouls, the more coins will be taken away from him in the final reward. 

Maybe many players have these questions:

How the DNF Multiplier works on FIFA 17? How to improve DNF? How to avoid suffering DNF to produce an amazing team in FUT?

Here mmogah as one of the best fifa coins selling sites will share the details, and you can find out the answer in this guide, which will help you to make better decision and improve the amount of coins you earn.


What is the DNF Multiplier?

The DNF Multiplier is a coefficient that measures the numbers of unfinished matches, in addition to the value and trouble of different game modes & opponents. The DNF Multiplier comes from the multiplication between your DNF and a pre-defined multiplier. It means that you should look to this as an aggregation between a single DNF coefficient and a certain multiplier that has been calculated how many coins you get as rewards at the end of every match. It seems complex, and it weights different things.


How is the DNF Multiplier Calculated?

In FIFA 17, the first time you play, your DNF is set as 1. No matter how many games you finish, you’ll never get a higher value than that.

The Multiplier is a coefficient with the objective to balance games of different quality levels. It means that players who finish more difficult games, bigger coin bonuses they will get. The difficulty evaluation is based on the game mode (tournament, online seasons or single player seasons) and the opponent’s quality (the opponent’s squad rating in on-line matches and difficulty level on single player). For each of these cases, there’s a pre-defined value.


Initial DNF Multiplier depends on the game mode

It can be one of the following values: 0.25, 0.36, 0.42, 0.50, 0.60, 0.63, 0.88, 0.93, 1.00 and 1.13.

The DNF Multiplier drops 0.25 x A per each incomplete match (A depends of the game mode).

The DNF Multiplier rises 0.02 x A per each complete match (A depends of the game mode).

Maximum Limit

It depends of the game mode:
Single Player Tournaments – 0.25
Single Player Seasons – 0.25 to 0.36
On line Seasons – 0.50 to 0.63
On line Tournaments – 0.50 to 0.88
On line Single Match – 0.50 to 1.13

The DNF multiplier is the result of the multiplication of these two coefficients. If you are not familiar with the values it takes, they may seem random, but actually not. It’s just a bit hard to find a pattern. If you don’t have maximum DNF, it will be quite complicated to predict the DNF multiplier. The best way to understand them is to analyze the DNF and the Multiplier separately.


How does the DNF Multiplier influence the coins I receive?

The Multiplier’s value is variable. The amount of coins received at the end of each game depends directly on the DNF multiplier, as you can see on the following formula:

Coins Received = (Performance Prize x DNF Multiplier) + Finish Reward + EAS FC Coin Bonuses + Competition Prize


How to avoid suffering DNF?

The DNF is only applied to on-line matches, since it’s necessary to see who is responsible for the disconnection in these matches.

Every time the game is interrupted by disconnection, which will affect your DNF Modifier and reduces the coins you receive from future matches. Someone’s connection wasn’t good enough to guarantee good playing conditions, so it’s important to guarantee you have good connection strength to avoid suffering DNF. Besides, fouling a match against the computer doesn’t affect anyone else’s game experience, so punish on the coins reward and spent contracts are enough. 



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