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Guide to Custom Tactics in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 Custom Tactics allow you to adjust the way that your team plays, and they have a big impact on your play style. Unlike what happens with instructions, the custom tactics will not affect one player, but they will affect the whole team. If you don’t know how to set up them, MmoGah as one of the best fifa 18 ultimate team coins store would like to share this guide with fifa fans.


Build Up Play Tactics


FIFA 18 is a faster game by its nature. This dictates the pace with which your players get forward. It ranges between 1 and 100.


It determines the general passing distance, the length at which passing options make themselves available, and the style of support play from teammates in the first two thirds of the pitch. This changes the emphasis on long or short passes both on and off the ball. It ranges between 1 and 100.



Organized is key when linking passes so that you know where your players are going to. Free Form would result in strikers drifting wide and full backs roaming, which is not good for the high line we will use.

Chance Creation Tactics


It determines how your players look to receive a pass. Low stats here are for longer passing, whereas high stats are best for pinging them about.

This also affects the emphasis on forward runs and support runs by ball carrier’s teammates. It ranges between 1 and 100.



It affects the tendency and frequency for players to put crosses into the box. This also affects the timing when players make runs into the box and how many players will get into the box to get on the end of a cross. It ranges between 1 and 100.



It affects the number of shots that the team will take in the final third. It ranges between 1 and 100.



Good teams have full backs who are capable of joining the attack, so Free Form should only be used for them, such as Real Madrid with Marcelo or Bayern Munich with David Alaba. It determines the freedom that players have to make runs and support in positions that stray from their formation positions in the final third of the pitch. It ranges between 1 and 100.


Defence Tactics


In this instance, it determines how high up the pitch the team will start to pressure the opposition. Any higher is a bit mental. We want to own a high line of 60 to win back the ball as soon as possible.



It determines how your players hunt the ball, how hard the team will tackle and how much pressure is applied to the ball possessor. But be careful, high aggression can result in a higher number of fouls. It ranges between 1 and 100.


Team Width

If you are happy with your formation, there is no need to change team width. But if your team lack width or midfielders are getting isolated, you can adjust accordingly.

It affects how much the team will shift to the ball side when defending. It ranges between 1 and 100.


Defender Line

Cover is essential to have the AI automatically make players fill in the gaps when someone goes roaming. This is important if you are going to play Free Form positioning, otherwise he will just wander off and leave a gap. It affects the defensive shape and the defending strategy.


Lastly, we hope that this guide is helpful for you. For more fifa guides, you can click here. If you want to buy fifa 18 coins on a platform (fifa 18 ps4, fifa 18 xbox one, fifa 18 pc, fifa 18 xbox 360, fifa 18 ps3 or fifa mobile) from a reliable third party to deliver you fifa coins, MmoGah is your best choice.

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