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FUT 18 Team of the Year (TOTY) Is Possible to Be Released on January 8, 2018

Shirley Huang December 22nd, 2017    MmoGah News

FIFA 18 Team of the Year (TOTY) is a FUT promotion which takes place to celebrate the best players of the year. It offers many packs offers, new squad building challenges and a few other surprises. However, the most important are obviously the themed cards.

In mmogah’s guide, you can learn everything about the FIFA 18 TOTY event.



What is the FIFA 18 TOTY Promotion?

It is a team of IF players released on a yearly basis. These blue In-Form cards are assigned to the best players based on their real performance on the previous civil year.

EA builds a team of players in early January since FUT 12, based on their real performance on the previous year. The TOTY players are selected from the voting of International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPro), the world wide professional footballers association, and announced in the Best FIFA Football Awards 2017 Gala. They are supposed to be the best players in the world.


When the FIFA 18 TOTY promotion will be released?

The TOTY event has been going since a few years ago. It is usually one of the first FIFA events in the civil year.

For FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, we estimate the promotion date is from January 8 - January 15, 2018.

In the following table, you can see the TOTY event release dates of previous years:


What will the FIFA 18 TOTY offer?

 Promo Packs and Lightning Rounds
 Themed Cards
 New Squad Building Challenges
 Daily Gifts



What happens to the TOTY cards’ prices? 

Once a year, a team featuring the world’s best players is announced. This release is responsible for thousands of pack openings. It also means severe price falls. Everything happens at an absolute immense scale: these cards are the best in the game, they come in packs for a week and prices fall to never before seen values.


Everything you should know about FUT 18 TOTY Players Cards

How many players are selected for the TOTY?
It contains the best 11 players in the world, also known as the World XI. TOTY is made up of 4 defenders, 3 midfielders, 3 forwards and 1 goalkeeper.


Is it easy to find FIFA 18 TOTY cards in FUT packs?
It is hard to find FIFA 18 TOTY cards in FUT packs, the chance is very low. Since these cards are extremely rare. If you open a pack that contains more rare gold players’ cards, your chances of finding cards’ are higher.


When is the best time to open packs?
When all the Team of the Year players are in packs, probably between Saturday night and Monday night. With eleven TOTY players in packs, finding one card’s chance is two times higher than the first two days, and three times higher than other days.


Are FIFA 18 TOTY cards available in FUT Draft mode?
Yes, they are available in all modes, including FUT Draft and FUT Champions.

 What is the difference between TOTY and TOTS?
TOTY is a team made by the players who played better during the calendar year, according to the FIFPro’s voting. TOTS is about the players of each league who has played better during the season and they are not chosen by FIFPro members.


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