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FIWC17 Grand Final Will Begin on August 16th

FIWC17 Grand Final date and the prize pot have been announced by EA Sports:

“FIWC17 Grand Final will begin on August 16th. See you in London in mid-August.

Check out the amounts for the Grand Finalists as below. Decided by the FIWC player council, at Home of FIFA in Zurich.

1st Place: $200,000 USD + 2 tickets to the FIFA Football Awards

2nd Place $40,000 USD

3rd & 4th place: $5,000 USD each

5th – 8th place: $2,500 USD each

9th – 16th place: $1,000 USD each.”

FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) is an annual video gaming competition, and it is recognized as the largest online gaming tournament by Guinness World Records. The virtual football championship is officially organized by FIFA and its presenting partner EA Sports. The virtual football World Cup enables millions of football fans from around the world to fight for the title of the best FIFA player. FIWC17 winner will be awarded not only $200,000 USD, but also an invitation to the Best FIFA Football Awards.

Want to join the millions of virtual footballers on the road to London 2017? Here MmoGah.com will break down the details of FIWC17.


How do I become eligible to apply for the FIWC
Set up an EA account, and it is fast & simple. Once you have set up your EA account, you can start playing FIFA Ultimate Team. At this time, you have option to take part in competitive gaming events, such as the FIWC.

To participate in the FIWC, players need a Sony PlayStation4 or an Xbox One and a copy of EA SPORTS FIFA 17. This year, FIWC is powered by FIFA Ultimate Team and all-new FUT Champions mode. Players should register on FUT CHAMPIONS first, and they have to climb the monthly FUT Champions leaderboards in their respective regions by winning as many online games and weekend challenges as possible. The highest ranked players can go their ways into the FIWC.



Tournament Format

Similar to the FUT Championship Series, players will be separated into PlayStation 4 and Xbox One divisions. 32 players will compete in the Grand Final of the FIWC. The competitors will be divided into ten groups: five groups on PS 4 and five groups on Xbox One. The top four players from each group will advance to the knockout stage. The top two players of every day will earn a seat at the table of the London FIWC17 Grand Final. The winner is crowned in a live show with famous commentators and football stars.


Online Qualification

Initial qualifications will take place online and once a player has earned enough points, this player will receive an invitation to various live qualification events, such as the Ultimate Team Championship Series and the FIWC Regionals. This is where the players can obtain their tickets to the FIWC17 Grand Final. At the Grand Final in London, the 32 finalists will be required to play with their National Teams, with all players reach rated 85.


The Online Qualification runs for several seasons, and each season lasts for a month. Points are automatically reset before a new season starts.

There are three online qualification seasons in total.

FUT Champions Season 1: November 1th – 30th, 2016

FUT Champions Season 2: January 1th – 31th, 2017

FUT Champions Season 3: February 2th – April 30th, 2017


FIFA Ultimate Team and FUT Championship Series (8 Grand Final seats)

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) allows players to build their own squads, improve them constantly, show their skills in matches and take them to the world stage. EA SPORTS hosts an all-new competition this year - the Ultimate Team Championship Series. It includes two two-month-long seasons of in-game qualification, six live Regional Finals and one live Championship. The eight best finishers at the Championship can qualify for the FIWC17 Grand Final (4 seats for PS4 and 4 seats for Xbox).


Players to Watch

There will be some familiar faces in Munich, and many players who have participated in the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series will return to action in the FIWC Regional Final. Here are six competitors you should follow:








World Ranking

In 2016, FIWC16 World Ranking was introduced to help seed the players in the tournament according to their previous results. The World Ranking will be taken into account by the qualification phase for the current edition and previous FIWC Grand Finals. 


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