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FIFA 18 Will Be Available for Pre-order on June 6th

Shirley Huang May 26th, 2017   

FIFA 18 is likely to be one of the biggest-selling games in 2017, with EA Sports’ franchise always likely to top the charts when it arrives. 

FIFA 18 is all set to break sports console gaming records later this year, and the fans of FIFA 18 are eagerly awaiting its date of release. Every year, EA Sports releases the full version of FIFA at the end of September.

When will FIFA 18 be released?

FIFA 18 is almost certain to be released at the end of September.

EA Access members get to play new EA games before they’re released, so you’ll be able to get your hands on FIFA 18 even quicker.


What platforms will be available on?

While FIFA 18 is guaranteed to be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, its presence on last generation consoles PS3 and Xbox 360 is uncertain. EA Sports has confirmed that FIFA 18 is coming to Nintendo Switch, with Patrick Söderlund having made the official announcement during Nintendo’s big Switch in January.

Patrick Söderlund said:" EA Sports FIFA on Nintendo Switch will be the most immersive, social and authentic sports game ever created for Nintendo players. It will deliver the FIFA experience custom-built for Nintendo Switch, so you can play anywhere, play with anyone and play freely."

The quality of the FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch will be an important sign of how EA will handle Switch games in the future. The FIFA 18 Switch version has the potential to be a fantastic option for players on the move, realizing the dream of a great portable soccer game, which is almost a reality with FIFA on the PS Vita.


When will pre-order start?

Last year, EA Sports started accepting pre-orders for FIFA 17 on June 6th, and we’d expect a similar date this year.

FIFA 18 will be available for pre-order on Tuesday, June 6. EA Access members will get to play the game earlier, and they can pre-order fifa coins, while non-members will get their hands on the game by the end of September.


What editions of the game will be available?

With "FIFA 17" being released in three different editions. It's expected for "FIFA 18" to come out with the same.

The three different editions of FIFA 17 were Standard, Deluxe and Super Deluxe.

The price for the Standard edition started at £49.99, the price for the Super Deluxe edition was around £80. Each edition had something additional to offer. The higher the edition, the more additional things players would receive.

In FIFA 17, consumers had the luxury of choosing from three different game editions. The same pattern is set to continue for FIFA 18 as well, but EA Sports might come up with different names to keep FIFA 18’s offers feeling fresh.


What’s the next?

Whilst nothing is set in stone, EA Sports is unlikely to deviate too far from FIFA 17’s offerings.

The price range for different editions of FIFA 18 is likely to remain the same as FIFA 17’s, and given the popularity of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). It is expected EA Sports will offer more incentives in all the editions this year. Fans of the game could expect further surprises in FIFA 18.

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