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FIFA 18 Is Possible to Be Released in Late September This Year

FIFA is a legendary football series that began back in 1993, since then EA has delivered successive instalments of the game annually for its fans.

FIFA 17 is an excellent football game, there’s no denying that, but there’s always room for improvement. More than 10 million people had played FIFA 17, which shows the Journey was popular enough for EA to stick with it for this year's game. So, FIFA 18 will bring players back to The Journey with Season 2 that features new characters and new storylines.

Now a lot of fifa fans are excited about the upcoming FIFA 18 game, and they will pay attention to what FIFA 18 is going to bring. Here Mmogah as a professional fifa coins seller would like to share some useful information with you.

During the Nintendo Switch Presentation, EA revealed that they will bring the world famous FIFA franchise to Nintendo's new portable console.

EA’s chief competition officer, Peter Moore has declared:

“Well, as we have said, we are custom-building a FIFA version for the Nintendo Switch. It will be FIFA 18, and it will obviously be later this year when FIFA 18 comes out.”

If you check the release date of the previous few versions of this game, you will notice that EA Sports had chosen the months of September to unveil a new installment of FIFA.


We put together a wish list that we hope EA Sports brings to FIFA 18.

Better Journey Mode

FIFA 17 is the first game in the series that includes Journey Mode. The game has taken a big leap in terms of both the gameplay and the popularity, which most likely aims to draw in players who aren’t much used to playing football, by allowing them to assume the role of a young footballer and preparing for a career of glory. FIFA 18 could be a great trope to use to draw in more gamers as well as bring a refreshing change for FIFA veterans.


More Attention to Women’s football

EA has introduced the Women’s football in FIFA 16, and the move was highly praised by the fans, but the makers have pretty much neglected this in FIFA 17. To play Women’s football, you just have to select the Women’s international teams. There is no option of playing the club football. We hope EA will look into this matter in the upcoming FIFA 18.


Upgrade AI

We would love to see FIFA 18 hike up its standards by adding more intelligence to the opposition. This means that players can adapt the playing style well and understand the match situation better, so the overall game will be less predictable.


Better Crowds

In the real life, crowds and fans are the biggest motivating factor for a footballer. Although it does not affect too much while playing a video game, it is always nice to see an authentic atmosphere and realistic crowds in the stadium in playing the game. As FIFA 17 is using the Frostbite engine, which can achieve some incredible graphical feats. We hope FIFA 18 will come with better and realistic crowds, not come with blurry and low resolution ones.


Improve Player ID

Obviously, FIFA has a lot of players in the game, which is hard to do, but PES 2017 can do it. All the players you’d expect to feel different. Over the years efforts in FIFA have been made to make lower league players feel different to the superstars, but there’s still more that could be done in FIFA 18.


Improve Penalty Shootout

In FIFA 17, the Penalty system has been completely revamped. While taking the kick, many players find it quite tough to truly aim the corner of the net, especially while playing in the multiplayer mode. Offering more control over the position is a great idea, but the implementation lacks perfection. We hope FIFA 18 will come with more improved and simple penalty system, so that the gamers can score more goals from the spot.


Improve Corner System

Like the Penalty system, FIFA 17 has included a new corner method. It is very hard to score goals from the new revamped corner system too. So instead of making it tougher, we hope FIFA 18 will come with a simpler corner system, so that players will be able to score more goals.


Bring Chemistry to Career Mode

The best and most popular part about FIFA is undoubtedly Ultimate Team, with the biggest factor of any team being its chemistry. Bringing this across to the Career Mode, albeit in a different form, it would really add depth to the mode.

We hope FIFA 18 is not only basing chemistry on nationality and club, but also basing other stats, such as preferred formation, time with team, native language, which will really help create a greater connection with the team.


Option to Create your Own Pro for the Journey Mode

Alex Hunter’s career from child to superstar is a genuinely brilliant new feature for the series, but despite the enjoyable story mode, there could be even more immersion if we could be ourselves in the journey. Much of this new mode borrows be a Pro, so it doesn’t seem a stretch to think it’s possible to do this. The only issue would be the voice acting, and we are sure that EA has the big buck to get different actors to play different types of person.


More Authentic Transfer Prices

If you want to buy “Gareth Bale” in FIFA 17, you have to pay almost €100 million, although his value is less than €93 million.

There feels like a huge disparity between buying and selling, and it all feels a bit of a grind. The opening of each season usually heavily involves buying and selling, so it makes the opening of a manager mode a little drab. We hope the makers will look into this matter before releasing FIFA 18.


Let us play as a real manager

Try to think you are coaching Manchester United as Jose Mourinho or doing the press conference as Jurgen Klopp. Football Manager allows the players more control to the game while playing the Manager’s mode. So if FIFA 18 comes with the cross over The Journey and Career Mode, which will allow you to play as the manager, controlling the players from the sidelines with button prompts, it would be a great inclusion.


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