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FIFA 18 FUTMas Promotion Is Coming on December 15

FUTMas Promotion is a yearly event created by EA Sports to celebrate the Holiday Season.

It's the most wonderful time of the year for FIFA fans. This month, EA will flood FIFA 18 with lightning rounds, new pack offers, free packs, increase chances of finding in-form players and loads more bonuses.

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What is the FIFA 18 FUTMas Promotion?

It is a festive promotion created by Electronic Arts to celebrate the Holiday season.

This promotion runs alongside 18 Days of FIFA, which is very important for the community. Since it is the last one before the TOTY releases and it will release a variety of offers.

FUTMas offers include all day Happy Hours, lightning rounds every hours on specific days daily gifts to be redeemed on the Companion or Web App, an exclusive kit and new Squad Bulding Challenges. It will introduce new FUTMas themed cards this year.


When the FIFA 18 FUTMas Promotion will be released?

The FUTMas promotion has been going since FIFA 13.

In the following table, you can see the FUTMas event release dates of previous years.


The Promotion runs between 15 December 2017 and 2 January 2018.

We estimate FUTMas event will take place on the following dates:

From 15/12/2017 10:00am to 02/01/2018 10:00am PST (UCT -8)

From 15/12/2017 01:00pm to 02/01/2018 01:00pm EST (UCT -5)

From 15/12/2017 04:00pm to 02/01/2018 04:00pm  BRST (UCT -2)
From 15/12/2017 06:00pm to 02/01/2018 06:00pm  GMT (UCT +0)
From 16/12/2017 03:00am to 03/01/2018 03:00am  JST (UCT +9)
From 16/12/2017 05:00am to 03/01/2018 05:00am  AEDT (UCT +11)

FIFA 18 FUTMas Offers

We estimate that the FIFA 18 FUTMas offers will include:

Daily Gifts

They are available every day throughout the promotion event through the Companion or Web app.

A new Promo Pack or Lightning Round every day

Themed Players Cards
New Squad Building Challenges

Exclusive Kits

Potential FIFA 18 FUTmas SBC rewards:

OTW Pack

PTG Pack

Scream Pack

81+ TOTW Pack

Heroes Pack



What happens to the card’s market price during FUTMas?

The FUTMas Promotion has a significant impact on the FUT 18 market, especially on days when the best packs are released (December 24-26 and January 1). On these days, many new gamers start playing the game, and lots of packs and cards are sold on the market, so the prices are lower.


If you’re a serious FIFA market trader, you can invest during the FUTmas period.

Follow these rules of thumb to make much fut coins:

1. Always target each card’ cheapest version and never pay over the odds.

2. Target TOTW cards from big nations/leagues, especially discard IF’s with ratings of at least 80. High-rated players are a great investment. Some of their prices will fall after Squad Battle and Weekend League rewards.

3. Target Scream Cards from big nations and leagues, waiting for their prices to fall after getting boosted before investing.


Everything you should know about FIFA 18 FUTMas

What is the Lightning Round?

Lightning Round is a new round of happy hours every hour in which promo packs are available on the store until they run out. On Lightning Rounds there are a global limited amount of packs to be sold. The first to come is the first to be served. On other hand, without a limit of packs for each user, you are free to buy how many promo packs you want as long as they are not sold out.

When Lightning Round will take place?
Lightning rounds may take place at any time. However, we expect to see them on December 31.

Can we expect 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs?
Yes. These packs are usually released during the FUTMas promotions.

Will EA Sports release free packs to everyone during the event?
Not sure, they didn’t release free packs last year.


Lastly, I am sure many fifa fans can't wait for the event to come. 




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