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FIFA 17 FUT 8th Birthday Celebration Is Coming on March 31

One of the most anticipated events of FIFA is that FIFA 17 FUT 8th birthday celebration is coming on March 31. FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) has long been the most popular way in playing sports video games. The FUT birthday celebration is fruitful for many players, since they can earn a series of rewards, including exciting free packs, special packs, SBC (squad building challenges), a featured tournament, international position change cards during FUT birthday celebration week.

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What is the FUT Birthday Celebration?

FUT Birthday Celebration was created to celebrate the success of the FUT game mode, and it currently is one of the best FIFA promotions.

The FUT game mode was first introduced in FIFA 09 on March 19, 2009. Since then, it has been the most successful and profitable game mode in FIFA series. To celebrate the FUT birthday, EA sports releases the FUT birthday celebration event. This event is released in March every year, and it lasts for about a week.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Birthday Celebration Week

March 31 (Friday) - April 8 (Sunday)


FUT Rewards – Exciting Free Packs

During FUT birthday celebration week, EA sports will release daily free packs to all FUT players who just have to redeem them every evening.

Many free packs were released during FIFA 16 FUT birthday celebration week as below. We expect more free packs to be released during FIFA 17 FUT birthday celebration week.

5k Gold Pack

7.5k Premium Gold Pack

15k Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

25k Rare Gold Pack

25k Premium Gold Player Pack

35k Mega Pack

50k Rare Player Pack


FUT Rewards - Special Packs

EA sports will release special packs throughout the week, and special packs are likely to vary every day.

Many special packs were released during FIFA 16 FUT birthday celebration week as below. FIFA 17 FUT birthday celebration rewards – special packs have not been confirmed.

1.8k Premium Bronze Player Pack

7k Premium Silver Player Pack

25k Premium Gold Player Pack

25k Rare Gold Pack

35k Mega Pack

50k Rare Player Pack

100k Jumbo Rare Player Pack


FUT Reward - Squad building challenges (SBC)

SBC is one of the most effective ways to make profit in FIFA 17, so if you want to invest and make profit, keep your eyes on the upcoming SBC. 

There will be exclusive SBC, allowing the opportunity for you to earn rare items in game.

Maybe you will receive special SBC cards and kit. The special card has the number 8, player position, league and rating.


SBC Rewards - International Position Change Cards

One potential SBC reward could be the international position change card.

21 New international position change cards will be released, replacing the regular cards during the FIFA 17 FUT birthday celebration week. 


FUT Featured Tournament

FUT Birthday Cup is available during the promotion, with ever-increasing rewards for both single player and online game mode.


Will the market be affected?

The FUT birthday promotion has a medium impact on FIFA 17 market, especially on days when the most valuable packs & rewards are released. As the price drops lower, you can buy cards and sell them with high price.


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