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Compensation Declaration for Removed FIFA 17 Coins at MmoGah - Attention Please!

Alice Fu February 10th, 2017    MmoGah News

It is February 10th, 2017(GMT+8) that MmoGah.com official website has published this Compensation Declaration for FIFA17 Coins getting removed, or Club being deleted, or Account getting banned. As a veteran player for MMO games, you may understand that buying virtual currencies from third parties may have risks, which exists in the whole market and is quite understandable. As a trustworthy FIFA 17 Coins selling website, considering of your coins and accounts safety, MmoGah.com promises this Compensation Guarantee. Please see the details in the following:


1. What are the details of MmoGah FIFA17 Compensation?

You should bear the risk of buying fifa17 coins from third parties, and should note that: (1) Your fifa17 coins may probably get removed. (2) Your Club may probably get deleted for buying coins. (3) Your account may probably get banned for buying coins. MmoGah only bears part of your loss and the compensation details are as follows:

1.1   Your fifa17 coins bought from MmoGah got removed, or Your Club was deleted for buying fifa17 coins from MmoGah, or Your Account got banned for buying fifa17 coins from MmoGah, within 3 hours after we have sent the coins to you.

1.2   If you have placed several orders for one time at MmoGah, then we will only compensate for your last order based on the Compensation details if you meet our compensation requirement.

1.3   If your Club was deleted or Account got banned, we will compensate as the same as our compensation for removed fifa17 coins. For example, we will find your last fifa17 coins order, and compensate for it based on the Compensate details.

1.4 Both Comfort Trade and Player Auction via Transfer Market are available for the Compensation.

1.5 We can either resend 50% of your removed coins as compensation which should be within 30 dollars (if prices change after you have placed order, then set your purchasing prices as basis), or we can refund 30% money of your purchasing order which should be also within 30 dollars (if prices change after you have placed order, then set your purchasing prices as basis).

1.6 We can only bear the max 2 times compensation for one customer. If one customer asks for the third-time compensation, we will not compensate with his order(s) and won’t do business with him anymore. Every customer whose coins get removed should keep our requirement in mind. Our notification of using the coins asap after we have completed the order(s) works well. We will send you an email to your contact email and an SMS to your contact phone number to tell you to use the coins quickly and that is why we ask for your email and phone number.

1.7 You should meet our requirements of Compensation and send us your evidences to get qualified by one of our customer representatives. Contact the reps via 24/7 Online Live Chat.


2. What Evidence should you provide to prove coins removal?

2.1   You should provide the Screenshot of the Email for removed coins, or deleted club or banned account from EA official (from EA@e.ea.com) with your own Email and the time that you received the Email on it.



No fake screenshot proof is permitted and you mustn’t edit it by any software. Please understand any requirement of our compensation. Thank you for your support all of there!

We will only compensate honest customers. If we find the customer lies to us, we will not compensate for any of his orders and he will never be welcomed by MmoGah.com!

Please keep it in mind that just purchase the amount of coins you can use atm and don’t purchase much more than that. Please make sure you can use the coins quickly after we have delivered the coins to you. If you have something to do by accident, please tell us to stop the delivery and contact us again to deliver the coins to you when you can use the coins quickly.



You will receive an Email from MmoGah once your FIFA 17 Coins Order is delivered, which reminds you to use your coins as quickly as possible to avoid removal by EA. Please Check the Email in Time!

For any questions, please contact us in time for help. MmoGah.com is always one of the best choices for you to buy fifa17 coins. We commit to outstanding services and try our best to improve our services. Rated 9.8 score on Trustpilot, MmoGah.com has tons of positive reviews from real players. Do not hesitate to place your fifa 17 coins orders and we are here waiting for you!





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