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Ao Shin in League Of Legends Will Not Come Soon

John Ryan Date: January 06th, 2015 Views: 10110 lol power leveling mmogah

Riot released a new champion Ao Shin in 2013 September, but the new champion has not been officially released until now. Recently, Meddler(the Riot lead champion designer) talked about Ao Shin in a thread.

Ao Shin in League Of Legends will not coming soon


He said: “Ao Shin someday, won’t be soon.”


Slightly longer version: We spent a bunch of time working on Ao Shin but ultimately concluded he wasn’t hitting the mark so put him on hold for a while in order to figure some things out. We still think his concept’s really cool, as is some of the stuff we were trying with him, so do intend to make him someday. Don’t expect to see him anytime soon though, we’d rather be slow, but do a better job of delivering on his potential, than quick. That’s a process some other champs have also gone through (Lee Sin, Elise and Azir for example), where it took a few different takes to hit on what we felt was the right one (Lee Sin originally as Blind Monk way back pre launch, Elise originally as Priscilla the Spider Queen, Azir originally as Seth the sand mage), ultimately yielding better champs in the long run we feel.


As for how soon, he noted:

"For purposes of these sort of timelines the start of 2015 counts as ’soon’, or even ’very soon’. Ao Shin’s genuinely a long way off sorry."


He continued:

"His name’s certainly something we’d want to talk about, assess whether ’Ao Shin’ is still a good fit for the final version of him we get to. Can’t offer you any thoughts on likelihood of that though at the moment, it’s not something we’ve looked at yet."


Meddler continued, discussing a few of the placeholder names he mentioned earlier:

Internal names can be pretty placeholder ish at times and many champs spend a while being referred to as something else before we figure out a final name for them. Sometimes that’s a moderately serious name like Seth, sometimes it’s something jokey (Vel’koz was ’Professor Eyebeam’ for a few months for example).


He continued:

"At one point in development, Rek’Sai was referred to as "Joan T. Burrow-woman." Believe me, no one was more shocked than me when the reveal came out and she wasn’t still called that! Up until a very late point, Jinx was called "Seven." (Before Vi fans jump in here, let me state for the record that this name had nothing to do with Vi. ) And as is already known, Jayce was named "Apollo"."


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