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12 New Additions in FIFA 18 You Should Know

Shirley Huang August 16th, 2017   

The release of FIFA 18 is just around the corner. As always, there will be a lot of new additions in FIFA 18. Today MmoGah as a safe and professional fifa coins store gives a summary about the new additions in FIFA 18.  


Overhaul Stadium Crowds

Most notably, player animations look smoother and faces more human. On top of all that, look at how the crowds appear more natural when Ronaldo blazes a free kick above the defensive wall and into the net.

EA has always loved the idea of creating a football experience akin to attending a match, and the players in attendance cheering on their respective teams play a part in that.

The fact is that they move like an organic group of people, not animated puppets going through the motions, which is encouraging.


Dynamic Weather

FIFA 17 features weather effects, such as rain showers and flurries of snow, but these effects were limited. This is why dynamic weather could change matches’ ways to play out, and ever-changing conditions are already something EA has experience with before.

It may be superficial, but dynamic weather would be one of FIFA 18's greatest inclusions. Each football fan watches weather shifts and changes the outcome of match, so it's hard to imagine what's possible here.


Soup up Journey 2

The Journey ended rather abruptly in FIFA 17. Alex Hunter's journey from green rookie to Premier League goal-scoring machine felt a little unfinished, almost like EA was gearing himself up for a sequel. The Journey will continue in FIFA 18, and this time it'll be a bit better.

The second part that needs to better is further role-playing elements.

EA's CEO Andrew Wilson has been excitedly talking up The Journey 2 to the press, claiming new characters and storylines that will build on the mode's foundations.


The game is centred around Ronaldo

If you haven't guessed from his cover appearance, you are out. The fact is that he has splashed all over the place in EA advertising, so Cristiano Ronaldo will play a huge part in FIFA 18.


Icons will replace FUT Legends

In FIFA 18, some players will experience some FUT changes, especially if they have a PS4 platform.

The Icons who were previously exclusive to Xbox users are now available across all formats, giving a different dynamic to those Ultimate Team sessions. Best of all, Ronaldo is getting in on the action.

Described by EA as the "Best of the Best", these Icons will outright replace Legends.



The Squad Hub

On the surface, the new 'Squad Hub' won't drastically alter the way you play Career Mode. Dig a little deeper and it becomes clear. All those details about your players can be found in one place.

Previously, you had to trawl through several different menus to find out key information about your players. Now it's nice to have everything collated neatly into the hub. EA's mission is making Career Mode more accessible, and players can spend less time on menus.

Want to know how long a player for their contract and find out how much they're worth? Players don’t need to enter the separate menus associated with contracts and transfers, because those information are handily side by side in FIFA 18.



he Addition of Chinese Super League could change the career mode transfer market

Real-life footy fans will recoil in horror at the notion of the Chinese Super League changing the way of FIFA 18's Career Mode. The league is all-but-guaranteed to be a new inclusion to the game, which makes difficult for those looking to be savvy in the transfer market.

Now, it's not just Real Madrid or Bayern Munich you need to worry about, the CSL's roster of teams have sway themselves. This could feasibly change the developing way of Career Mode.

Player meetings

FIFA 18’s Career Mode will offer the ability to meet with individual players and discuss their careers. This is an improvement over the old 'player emotion' feature.

Beforehand, players acted like spoiled brats for no reason and gamers had little control over what to do about it. Meeting face-to-face is much more logical, and it should add a human touch for a feature.


Interactive Transfer Negotiations (ITN)

By far the most crucial change to Career Mode is a feature set EA are calling 'Interactive Transfer Negotiations'. This isn't just a flashy name, because it completely changes how you'll sign players in FIFA 18. If you want to convince Nemanja Matić to trade Chelsea for Man Utd, you'll have to do so in person.

It's unclear whether or not this will be mandatory for every single player purchase. Maybe the game will enable managers to delegate loan signings or lesser name negotiations to an assistant, meaning they'll only focus on face-to-face meetings for the stars. It's looking like ITN will become part of your day-to-day business in FIFA.


Sell on Fees and More are Included

As an extension of the Interactive Transfer Negotiations, you'll now be dealing with player agents more than ever before. Now, forging relationships with these money-hungry suits will be vital to getting the best deal.

EA is adding a Mass Effect-like dialogue wheel heavy on choices that can take conversations in different directions. There's also the chance to discuss sell on clauses, player bonuses and things like that. It means that your club stands to make money from a young star you've been working hard in training him.

In other words, training will be more important.


 New signing will be unveiled to the media

This is an area FIFA has been lagging behind PES in for years. That's all set to change in FIFA 18, and it's about bloody time.

In a Facebook video posted by The Sun, Monaco hitman Kylian Mbappe could be seen proudly showing off his new Man City top. This is a nifty new addition showing how EA is tackling the importance of PR and football marketing in game.


Nintendo Switch version will be built from the ground up

FIFA 18 will still be released on the old Xbox 360 and PS3 systems, albeit as a 'Legacy' edition. What this means is that neither version will have the new Frostbite engine, instead making use of Ignite one. The Switch version won't use Frostbite, but it also won't be a straight up port of the 360/PS3 versions either. Instead, EA reportedly plans on building a Switch game from the ground up, meaning it'll have a unique flavor.


What features excite you the most about FIFA 18? Or do you think the game will just be a copy of FIFA 17? Leave your comments in the comment section. For more updated news, you can visit our site: MmoGah.com. Moreover, you can buy FIFA 18 coins (fifa 18 coins kaufen) when FIFA 18 releases. Now FIFA 17 coins is on hot sale at our site, you can buy FIFA 17 coins (fifa 17 coins kaufen) to build a strong squad.

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