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swtor credits

The New Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Eternal Throne Is Coming on December 2

BioWare, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) studio, and Lucasfilm unveiled the world premiere of the new ‘Betrayed’ cinematic trailer, revealing a first look at the prequel story for the upcoming expansion Star Wars: The Old Republic-Knights of the Eternal Throne. The new digital expansion will be available for download on December 2 (November 29 with early access).

The Ultimate Showdown with Arcann Is Online: SWTOR-The Battle of Odessen

BioWare and Lucasfilm have released the climatic chapter in SWTOR-KotFE on August 11. Now, all active SWTOR subscribers can now play through The Battle of Odessen and confront Arcann and his powerful fleet in a full-scale assault that will determine the fate of the galaxy. Against all odds, players must risk everything for the chance to defeat Arcann and the Eternal Empire once and for all.

How to Fast Farm SWTOR Gold

When searching “how to fast farm swtor gold” in google, there are really all kinds of gold farming methods. However, it is hard to find a detailed and complete guide, so Mmogah will summarize the most useful methods for all of you, and hope to help you save a little time and fast farm your swtor credits.

Which Website Is the Best Choice for You to Buy SWTOR Credits

As you know, SWTOR Credits play an important role in Star Wars: The Old Republic, however it is not easy for folks to obtain them, because farming swtor gold not only need rich experience, but also much time. As a result, more and more folks have to choose to buy SWTOR Gold from a reliable and professional website, which can provide trustful gold service for them during transaction.

The Relevant Discussions of Cartel Pack Changes with the GEMINI Pack

Yesterday, the official made a few changes to how Cartel Packs work with the release of the GEMINI pack. First: Grand Chance Cubes/Bronze Items. Second: Pack Pricing Changes.

SWTOR Companions, Really Helpful

Companions are non-player characters that the players are able to recruit to accompany them on their adventures in SWTOR. Each companion character has special skills that unlock over time as they level-up alongside the player character.

How to Make Gold/Credits Fast in SWTOR: Section Two

We have introduced some tips of how to make credits fast in last article: How to make credits fast section one. Here, let us continue introducing SWTOR strategy of how to make credits fast to Star Wars players.

How to Make Gold/Credits Fast in SWTOR: Section One

How to make SWTOR gold/credits is an important thing that SWTOR gamers concern about, since they are in need of SWTOR gold/credits to strengthen their gears or speed up their characters’ level, but where the SWTOR credits come from? How to farm SWTOR credits? These questions bother many players. Here MmoGah as one of the best SWTOR gold sellers would like to share SWTOR strategy with you!

Why MmoGah Advises Its Customers to Buy Safe SWTOR Gold via Mailbox

SWTOR has three delivery methods adopted in SWTOR Gold (SWTOR Gold Kaufen) trade-Face to Face, Auction House and Mailbox. However, MmoGah only advises its customers to buy SWTOR Gold via Mailbox. Here, I believe that many SWTOR players do not understand why we just use the only one delivery method, so I will explain the reasons to all of you.

SWTOR KotFE Early Access-Companion System Changes

Early Access is a special reward for those subscribers who are very excited about this new expansion that signals a return to the BioWare story-telling roots. That is so cool! Entry to Early Access is announced when the official announces the new digital expansion and is a reward for all subscribers who are actively subscribed from July to early October.

The Top 7 Interesting Stories in SWTOR

When it comes to SWTOR, more players like the interesting stories better than upgrades. There are many interesting stories provided for all SWTOR players to choose, among these stories Imperial stories are more popular than Republic stories. Here, Mmogah will rate the story lines as follows:

The Brand New Level 60 Character in SWTOR

Preferred players are capped at 14 active slots instead of the 16 you have now, so you can lose 2 slots you paid for, which has happened on many players. Here, MmoGah will introduce the new Level 60 character in detail, then you will totally understand the situation.

Crafting Changes and Core World Changes in SWTOR Fallen Empire

I have introduced the new 4.0 class changes and cartel market changes and combat changes in SWTOR in my last essay, here I continue to introduce crafting and core world changes in Fallen Empire in detail.

Cartel Market Changes and Combat Changes in Fallen Empire

1. Rarity Changes for Pack Items: The terms ‘Rare’, ‘Super Rare’ and ‘Ultra Rare’ are moving forward with Knights of the Fallen Empire, these rarities will be changed to ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’, and ‘Gold’. Bronze quality items will now be associated with a Bronze Cartel Market emblem, Silver quality with a Silver emblem, and Gold quality with a Gold emblem.

The New 4.0 Class Changes in SWTOR

 New Active Ability: Mad Dash/Blade Blitz! The new active ability can make you dash forward 20 meters, deal weapon damage to enemies in your path and increase your defense chance by 100% while dashing. However, it cannot be used while immobilized or hindered, has a 45 second cooldown and can be attained at level 61.

New Level 60, Story, Romance, Chapter 1 in Knights of the Fallen Empire

Knights of the Fallen Empire will hit this October, what an exciting news! Players will have the opportunity to get an instant level 60 character. Here is what you need to know (introduced by MmoGah ).

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