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Welcome to '2K Rosters'

Michel Z Date: 2017-07-31 Views: 9020 2k rostersnba 2k18nba 2k18 mtnba 2k18 coinsnba 2k17 coins

Of all the communities in the gaming world, the NBA 2K community is one of the strongest sects. Their feedback and participation are a big reason the franchise has reached its current heights. As the release of NBA 2K18 is approaching, members of the custom-content sub group have already put plans in motion for a tool to help fans and creators of the created rosters, players, etc.



It's called 2K Rosters and it's a new Twitter account that aims to bring together the part of 2K community that interested in custom created content. It gives fans an easy way to search for high-quality community-created content for NBA 2K18. Through this account, gamers can utilize it as a resource to find a new draft class, a new custom-roster or some uniforms to put on your MyTeam, you can find that information or anything else 2K allows gamers to creat and share.


It's also a resource for creators who want to get their projects some exposure. If you have created a really good roster, or themed draft class for PS4, XB1, PC or even the Nintendo Switch, you can shoot 2K Rosters a line in hopes of getting your project and/or Youtube channel some love.


Lastly, you can use it as a resource to find people to collaborate with on project. This is very important. Because as we know, making custom content on 2K is a hard work and it can be very tedious. You can make this Twitter account as a place to find people to collaborate with. It will make difference between completing a project and abandoning it.


EmbraceThePace started the account. He has been creating and sharing some of the most realistic draft classes for NBA 2K games.



Originally EmbraceThePace want to develop this Twitter account as an aid for the 2K community. His creations have always been based on the PS4, but fans always asked if he knows anyone that does the same type of the draft classes on XB1. 2K Rosters should help to answer that questions and similar ones.


ETP introduced the idea to DaInfamousNY, the creator of the college 2K mod concept. DaInfamousNY’s uniform designs and player creation skills have gained admiration from tons of fans in the NBA 2K community.



UniqueMazique is also involved, for the past three years, he has created the Ultimate Legends Roster. It's a roster packed with the 15 greatest players in each franchise's history.




All their creations have garnered appreciation from fans of concept rosters and created players.


Now ETP, DaInfamousNY and UniqueMazique will serve as the mods in charge of the Twitter account, but there are plans to expand in the future.


NBA 2K18 is scheduled to be released on September 15 for PS4, XB1, PC and Nintendo Switch. Created content should begin to roll in shortly after. Please stay tuned on our NBA 2K news page for more information. NBA 2K17 MT coins is on hot sale at MmoGah, and we will launch our NBA 2K18 MT the soonest possible once the game releases. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested to buy MT. MmoGah can help you to build an amazing team in NBA 2K.



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