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The Warriors against the Bulls in NBA 2K17

2017 is the year of the Warriors. Throughout this season, the Golden State Warriors made themselves ranked among the greatest teams in NBA history. Are they taking the place of the 1996 Bulls to be the GOAT (Greatest of All Time)? According to the Warriors’ performance, some people think the Warriors pull ahead of the Bulls by a slim margin. NBA 2K used NBA 2K17 to make a simulation to pit the 2017 Warriors against the 1996 Bulls. The conclusion was that the Warriors won the series 60% of the time. The Warriors didn’t have an answer for MJ, but the Bulls couldn’t match the firepower of the Warriors.





But many people say results of such sort of comparisons depend on the rules under which the game is played. It would make the Bulls the favorite to play under the rules of hand-checking. But in the no-handcheck era, the Warriors' current roster is much better suited and would have some serious speed and shooter advantages at several key positions.




However, unless someone invents a time machine, this is the closest we are going to get to see this dream matchup, thanks to the NBA2K.


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