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Something More about the Switch Version of NBA 2K18

In this year, NBA 2K18 is going to deliver the Nintendo Switch owners a fantastic basketball experience that PlayStation and Xbox owners were enjoying. At the NBA 2K18 preview event in New York, some people had played the Switch version of NBA 2K18, MmoGah shares with you more about what they found out:



This Is a Fully Featured Game

The Switch version of NBA 2K18 will feature all the major modes that are coming to the other consoles. That means you can build a franchise in MyGM, create an online franchise with friends in MyLeague, become a NBA superstar in MyCareer, construct a team via the card collecting MyTeam, flex your skills in MyPark or Pro-AM. You can play all these modes included in the game. The only thing you can’t do is to customize your own logo for Pro-Am teams.


The Switch Version Uses the Same Engine As the PS4/Xbox One Versions
The Switch version of NBA 2K18 features the same animations, A.I., and controls as the PS4/Xbox One versions. That said, when it comes to graphical fidelity and performance, there will be obviously a delta. Visually, the Switch version looks great on smaller screens, but the graphics are a noticeable step down. The game also runs at 30fps instead of the 60fps the other consoles enjoy. 


Switch Controls Are Adequate
As it comes to sports games, the fidelity of control is paramount. It would be tough to string together the dribbling moves if the analog stick movements aren't precise. But you will find how responsive the controls are when you play the Switch version.


Expect Regular Game Updates

The game will receive regular updates as the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions. Switch owners don’t need to worry about being left on the outside whenever 2K push new MyTeam cards, roster updates, gameplay changes, and the like.


Local Play Leverages Switch Capabilities
There are some interesting options for you and your friends. Four Switch consoles can be linked together for local play, and up to eight players can join in on the action.


The Digital Download Is Roughly 25GB
According the Visual Concepts, the final file size is expected to come in around 25GB. However, with the constant updates the game gets over the course of the NBA season, you should budget a lot more storage space.


Retail Copy Details
The retail version of NBA 2K18 does not release the same day as the digital version on September 19. You have to wait until October 17 to get the cartridge.


Staying within Wi-Fi Range Strongly Recommended
VC powers the NBA 2K experience, it is used for player customization, MyTeam card purchases, purchasing a franchise in MyGM. So if you want the full NBA 2K18 experience, you have to stay connected. You can also play MyCareer or MyGM offline, but you won’t receive the benefits.


No Amiibo Support
There won’t be Amiibo functionality in the game at this time.


No Cross Compatibility

You may want to play the majority of your games on PS4 at home, then take that MyGM or MyCareer save on the road with the Switch. This is an interesting idea, but it isn't happening with NBA 2K18.


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