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Solution for Problem of MyPARK Rep Level Reset in NBA 2K17

Double Rep in NBA 2K17 is still going on, and it will be open until Tuesday. This is a good time to Rep up and make some headway on All-Star rank, maybe this is the final Double Rep event of the year.



But gamers usually encounter some problems about their MyPARK reputation reset. To solve this problem, we should first to know what caused the reset. Generally speaking, a reset of MyPARK reputation level occurs when players switch MyPARK affiliations. Reputation in MyPARK is directly linked to the player’s affiliation, every time affiliation is changed, the Rep will automatically reset, and this reset is irreversible. This is designed to simulate the alliance of a player to the park of their choice.


One thing has to be pointed out is that if you want to switch parks, you will receive an in-game message on the bottom left of MyPARK Rep screen stating you'll lose all Rep and Rep Level Rewards. You should also see another message confirming your decision to leave your current park.


If you find your park Rep reset but you didn’t change the MyPARK affiliation, this can be resolved by clearing the cache on your console.


PS4: Actually, PS4 doesn’t have a cache to clear, it never hurts to power down or power up your console. So press and hold the PlayStation button on your controller, select “Turn Off PlayStation 4”, wait for 10 or 20 seconds after your PlayStation 4 fully power down, then restart the PS4.


Xbox 1: You press and hold the power button on the front of the console until the Xbox 1 powers down completely. Disconnect the power cable from the Xbox1 so there is no power source connected to the console. Press the power button 3 or 4 times to make sure there is no remaining power from the battery. Then reconnect the power cable to the console. (If you are on standard Xbox One model, you'll have to let the light on the power brick go from white to orange before progressing further.) Turn on the console via the power button.


After clearing the console's cache and relaunching the game, you would find your MyPARK reputation is back. If your reputation level still shows "Rookie 1" even after all the efforts above, then this means your Rep has unfortunately been reset irreversibly.


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