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Snipe in NBA 2K18: The Fastest Way to Make MT

In NBA 2K18, Domination is the best way to make free MT, but it’s not the fastest way, the fastest way to earn MT is to Snipe on the Auction House. MmoGah shares with you how to make MT fast in NBA 2K18.



First: To Unlock the Auction House

In this year’s game, Sniping is a lot different. Auction House is locked in NBA 2K18, If you want to keep any of your players in auction or even want to buy anything from an auction you will have to Unlock Auction House in NBA 2K18, so first, let us find out how to Unlock Auction House as soon as possible:


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To Unlock Auction House, the only thing you need to do is to complete all the goals in the Silver Goals List. These goals can be viewed in MyTEAM Goals section under the Silver Goals.

Step 1: You will have to Defeat a team and earn 3-Star Pack in Domination.

Step 2: Then you will have to Purchase the League Pack with VC or MT.

Step 3: Now you will also have to earn a Challenge Token. By going to Play and then to the Challenges Tab. And play all the 5 warm-up challenges and playing all the challenges will let you have a token. 

Step 4: The second last thing that you need to do is to win a Schedule mode game.

Step 5: And the Last thing that you will need to do is to complete the Schedule Mode Game.


If you are confused with the last Goal then here is the explanation:

Completing the Schedule Mode does not mean that you will have to complete the whole Schedule mode. All you need to do is get to Play Tab then Challenges and then on the bottom get to the Schedule Challenges and complete any one of the Schedule challenges completely as this will be sufficient enough to complete the Silver Goal and you will have Auction House unlocked.


Second: How to Snipe in NBA 2K18



After unlocking the Auction House, you are now able to get into the Auction House. The Auction House if different from last year. This year, the Auction House is live, not every 15 minutes. Any time something gets posted, it is immediately on the Auction House, you can you do it in your own time instead of waiting for a Snipe. But there is a bad news for snipers that: After you have tried buying anything from Auction, your filter will be RESET. You have to retype the player’s name every time you back out, it will take you more time to Snipe, so here is a new way to snipe: Collection. This method is faster than typing the whole thing every single time.


CarlosStory shows you how to Snipe faster in this new way:


Scyther is also a good youtuber teaching you how to Snipe in NBA 2K18:


That's all for this guide on How to make MT fast in NBA 2K18. Hope it was helpful to you and stay tuned for more NBA 2K18 guides, news and tutorial.





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