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NBA 2K19: How Arcadey Should PARK Play Be?

Michel Z Date: 2018-06-20 Views: 2825 nba 2k19myparknba 2knba 2k19 mtnba 2k18 mt

The man who is most responsible for the development of NBA 2K19's gameplay – Mike Wang is polling the community about PARK gameplay: “How ‘arcadey’ should Park play be?” If you haven't voted and you want your voice heard, I'd urge you to chime in before the poll expires.


On Sunday, Mike Wang tweeted a poll, asking which shot meter is the best for gameplay. On June 18, he dropped another potentially game-altering Twitter question to gauge the temperature on one of the 2K community's hot-button gameplay issues. This time, Wang is polling the community about PARK gameplay.


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It's a fascinating question. Playground basketball is expected to be a little looser and freer than organized hoops, and this is still a video game that is supposed to be fun. Those concepts would suggest the style of play in PARK should be very unrealistic, almost like NBA Playgrounds.


Then, on the other side of the coin, it is still basketball, and 2K rose to prominence because of its sim-style experience. It's clear from the poll results, most in the community seem to think the experience should be "somewhere in the middle." What that means still remains to be seen, but it's refreshing to see the person most responsible for the development of 2K's gameplay asking meaningful questions to the community.


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