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NBA 2K18 Tips: How to Earn VC without Spending Money

VC as one of the major currencies in NBA 2K18, is one of the most discussed topics in the game’s community. In this year’s game, MyCareer concept has been expanded into a more fantastic open world called The Neighborhood. But the mode is also highly dependent on VC more than the previous versions, gamers who are willing to pay real money to upgrade their player will have a quicker path to a high rating. Starting with a character that had the bottom line 60 overall, Brian Mazique has spent three days testing and analyzing the ways to build VC, MmoGah shares with you his best ways to earn VC without spending money.



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Below is a chart that breaks down the tasks that pay VC and the amounts you can earn for each of them.



Play Now - Superstar - 10 Mins Qtrs


Play Now Online

400 for Game, Tier 1 Gets No Bonus - Tier 2 vs Higher - 100 Bonus - Tier 3 vs Higher - 175 Bonus - Tier 4 vs. Higher - 200 Bonus - Tier 5 vs Higher - 250 Bonus -



All-Star Team Up

Win or Lose - 575

Answering Questions From 2KTV


MyGM -  10 min Qtr

Win/Loss - 690

MyLeague - Superstar - 10 min QTr

Win/Loss - 890

Shot Around in MyCourt 15 minutes - Variety of Shot Goals


Pro-Am - POTH


Pro-Am - POTG


Pro-Am - Payout - C+ - Loss


Playground Game - Loss - C Grade


MyCareer NBA  - Salary


MyCareer NBA - Stats - A- 12 pts, 7rebs, 1blk,



The most lucrative task is a MyCareer NBA game. You can earn well over 1,000 VC per game, a regular season game with an A- rating rendered 722 VC. Brian had only 12 points and 7 rebounds in the game, so if he had a better stat line, he would have earned more VC.

If you get a few NBA games under your belt, you will not only acquire a good bank of VC but also make significant strides toward the acquisition of the various badges in the game, you will attain these signature skills by simply playing regular NBA games.

If you don’t want to begin your MyPlayer's NBA career before you have built your character up to the point where he can be a star, there are several different modes that can be played to earn a healthy amount of VC.

You Should Be Playing MyLeague and MyGM

MyLeague is the best and most complete mode in the game, it's also a great way to earn VC. Play MyLeague games on Superstar level with 10 minute quarters, you’ll get 890 VC per game. Likewise, MyGM offers 690 VC per game with settings that mirror the MyLeague example. Simulating a portion of the game will decrease your VC payout, but you'll still earn something for the task.

The Play Now Online function is supposed to be a decent option to earn VC, you can earn 850, but this mode is currently broken. It hasn't been awarding fans VC after wins.The key to building VC without spending cash is to have a plan of attack. Here are three strategies designed to fit different player profiles.

The Short-On Time Perfectionist

This is the guy or girl who only has about 2 hours per session to play. They don't want to be embarrassed by gamers with players rated above 80 while they're struggling to make their 60-something character competitive in Pro-Am or The Playground.

When they are facing the elite players in The Neighborhood, they want to be ready to hold their own. Here's the best approach for the Short-on-Time Perfectionist:

  • Start a MyLeague (You don't have to go too deep with team or roster customization, just pick a team and start.)
  • Play on Superstar or Hall of Fame with 10 minute quarters (The challenge will be great, plus the scores and statistics will be realistic.)
  • Play the first game on your schedule. Win or lose, you'll earn 890 VC for your efforts.
  • Next, play a simple Play Now game with the same settings. You'll earn 850 VC no matter if you win or lose.
  • Lastly, go into The Neighborhood, head to your MyCourt and shootaround for 10-15 minutes. As you sink jump shots, dunks and perform dribble moves, you'll earn VC. (The amount varies, Brian earned 175 for his time.)

That will be 1,915 VC in 2 hours. If you repeat the process for 7-10 days and use your earned VC to upgrade your MyPlayer, his attributes will significantly increase. You can continue the process as much as you need to, only you won't have to keep starting new MyLeagues. You can simply continue to play through the one you began initially.

Stay in the Neighborhood

If you're not willing to try out other modes, then you'll have to grind in The Neighborhood exclusively. If you're like the Short-On-Time Perfectionist and don't want to show your lowly ranked player to others, you'll want to keep playing NBA games before heading to Pro-Am or Playground.

There's a method to this approach as well:

  • Start your NBA career, but before you do it, you should go to practice and the training facility first. You'll progress toward specific badges, which will help you be more productive and earn more VC. The various workouts at the training facility will also make you progress toward your next upgrade level. Practice is only available temporarily before you're forced to play your next NBA game.
  • You may not be able to practice anymore, but you can go to your MyCourt to shootaround. Spending the 15 minutes in this environment will earn you more VC.
  • Lastly, play your NBA game. Depending on how you perform, you can earn an additional 1,000 or more VC.

This process doesn't earn you as much VC, but it's a great way to acquire badges. You can still collect and spend your earned VC to upgrade your player in the meantime.

Experience it All

If you enjoy multiple modes in the game, the Experience-It-All approach might be best for you to earn VC.


Brian played all of these modes over three days and it took him a total of 6 hours of gaming time to complete. He earned just under 4,500 VC and gained a deeper appreciation for several of the modes in the game, He also upgraded his character to a 63 from a 60 overall. If he had chosen to play only the highest-earning VC modes, he could have upgraded much faster. If you also enjoy the journey through all the modes and the grind of building the character, this could be the best way to enjoy NBA 2K18 while getting the most from your $60 initial purchase.

Keep checking back for more NBA 2K MT information, including the latest NBA 2K18 news, guides and tutorial.




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