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NBA 2K18 MyTEAM Will Feature With Two New Modes

Michel Z Date: 2017-08-21 Views: 6299 nba 2k18myteampack and playoffssuper maxnba 2k18 mt

On last Friday, NBA 2K announced that NBA 2K18 MyTEAM will feature with two very important new modes. MmoGah is giving you a summary of the new features.





Pack and Playoffs

In NBA 2K18, MyTEAM will feature a draft mode called Pack and Playoffs.



Elements from other collection modes and totally unique features make this draft concept really different from others. 

Firstly, you are going to pick a coach, this is a very important choice. The coach you pick will determine what system your team will run. The new proficiency system affects how well your players perform in a coach's scheme. So you have to make sure the players you draft fit into the system that your coach likes to run, if you don’t, you will not get the best out of your roster. Pack openings will make it exciting to filling out your roster throughout the draft process.



After having your team set, you'll begin play against other drafted teams, and your team will compete in best-of-seven elimination-style competitions. 

It will take four wins to advance to the next round, or your team can be eliminated and sent back to restart after four losses. After each round, you'll re-draft a whole new lineup, if there are some players you don’t want to lose, you can use VC to retain them from your original team. 

There are also special cards that will give you an edge on your competition. The further you advance before being eliminated, the bigger the prize you will earn. A considerable prize will be granted for the Finals Champion.  

You can play this mode totally free, but if you run out of supply or haven't earned enough, they are then accessible through purchase.



Super-Max is another new mode of MyTEAM in NBA 2K18. It's a salary-cap based feature that could add more competitiveness to MyTEAM and help to level the playing field. This is an online, season-play concept that will set a salary cap for all online players. Fans will have to put together the best 13-man rosters they can while staying under the salary cap for that round of play in the season. 

2K has built a system that adjusts individual card’s cap values based on how often they are used. For example, if everyone is using a diamond Kobe Bryant card, the card's cap value will increase. Some popular cards’ value could increase to Super-Max. Since it will eat up a great deal of your salary cap space, so you have to think carefully to balance your super stars with role-players, and seek out hidden gems that others may have missed. 

To start the game, you will compete in placement matches against random opponents to gauge your skill, and you'll then be put into a league with players of a similar skill level. Super Max is a full length 13-man roster online game, and there are grand prizes for winners of the various seasons. 

In addition to the all-new card design, there is also a new card type - Strategy cards. During timeouts, you're able to use a strategy card to give your team a quick boost in a specific area. Each card has different characteristic and will impact specific attributes, depending on the card.



You should consider the players on roster when choosing strategy cards. Theoretically, it seems you could select strategy cards that work well with your teams’ strengths and weaknesses. The number of strategy cards you can bring into a game depends on the gem level of the coach on your team, the higher the gem level, the more strategy cards that coach can carry.


There will be new schedule challenges, you can play a 30-game season for each team and there are 900 total challenges to complete.



There are also challenges to beat 33 all-time teams comprised of the best players in each franchise.


There are other features like enhancements to the Auction House, a new goals screen to track your progress and guide you through your journey, more Dynamic Duos, and a host of other promised features. All these would make NBA 2K18 MyTEAM mode the best experience ever. Please click MyTEAM 2K18 Dev Blog for more information on MyTEAM.


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