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NBA 2K18 MyCareer: Best Builds and Archetypes

This year, NBA 2K18 comes with a more refined and enhanced build system. The introduction of dual archetypes allows you to build the player that you really want to build, you will have wildly different attribute caps and badges, so your early-game decision is extremely important. There are a total of 189 archetypes to choose from in NBA 2K18, which position and archetype combination should you choose? MmoGah will share with you some of the best builds for MyCareer mode in NBA 2K18.



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Firstly, you should determine your preferred play style. Carefully plan the standard position you want, because this plays a huge role in your attributes and available badges. For those unaware about badges, they are highly useful unlockable situational-specific perks that can be upgraded (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Hall of Fame) to increase the perks’ effectiveness. If you choose a Center position, for example, you won’t receive Hall of Fame badges that allow you to have high accuracy amidst a contested shot.

When you have a position in mind, you can simply switch between the different primary and secondary skills to see your character attribute cap and badges. Just like in all games that have stat builds, it’s ultimately up to each player’s preferred play style. If you want to excel in a certain playstyle, you can go with an old-fashioned pure archetype to maximize your attribute cap and badges.


The Builds Guide below details what you need to know about building Custom Characters:

1. Small Forward Playmaker

Set the height to 6’5”, it will boot your Standing Dunk, Boxout and Block. It also increases your Defensive and Offensive Rebound.

You should set the wingspan to be around 79.3 to give you Contested Shot bonuses of Mid-Range and Three. Off Dribble will not be your best suite here.

You will set a low weight of 185 lbs, as it gives you a boost to your speed, acceleration, vertical, lateral quickness and speed with the ball. It counters all the negative effects of the height used for this build.

Archetype – Shot Creating Playmaker
For this build, the Archetype you are going for will be Shot-Creating Playmaker. Choose your Primary Skill of Passing and Ball-Handling and Secondary Skill of Shot Creating. Both these skills are essential for maximizing your control with the ball whether you are in the court or about to score a point. Your skills will be as follows:


Tips and Strategies
Your off-dribble is going to be weak for this build, so you should make sure that you are facing the rim while taking the shots. Your weight and Height both counter the negative effects of each other, so this is quite a balanced build. Set your Shoulder Width to 22.2” and you will be fine. You don’t need very wide shoulders for this build.

For your shooting hand, pick Right or Left depending where you are comfortable. We recommend you use Right. You’ll have a good balance of speed, acceleration, Rebounds, and shoots.


2. Off-Dribble Slasher

For this build, you should set a height of 6’6”. It boosts your Off Dribble Short Mid-Range and Shot Three both, Driving Layup, Driving Dunk, Speed, Acceleration, Vertical, Ball Control, Speed with Ball and Passing Accuracy.

Your wingspan should be 80.4. This boosts your Contested Shot for Mid-Range and Three.

Set your weight to 225 lbs for this build. This is a lightweight build too. It will boost your Contact Dunk, Strength and Boxout.

Archetype – Slasher
The Archetype is Slasher. It will give you Primary Skill of Driving, Finishing, and Secondary Skill of Shot Creating. These skills make up the perfect combination for creating the best throws for shots and maximum stamina and speed build. Your skills will be as follows:

Tips and Strategies
This build is all about speed, stamina, and dribbling. Your height, wingspan and shoulder width are all set according to making your dribbling as better as possible while keeping the speed up too. When the ball is in your hands, your speed will not decrease by a lot so it all adds up for a good speedy build. However, you need to focus on 3PT shooting and Post Offense because they are your weakest skills.


3. Shooting Guard Shot Creator

For this build, you should set a height of 6’6” to give you somewhat advantage to dribbling and shooting.

Your wingspan should be 80.4. It boosts your Contested Shot for Mid-Range and Three.

Set your weight to 225 lbs for this build. This is a lightweight build too. It also boosts your Contact Dunk, Strength and Boxout. Low weight makes your build as nimbler and speedy as possible.

Archetype – Point Guard Shooter
The Archetype is Point Guard Shooter. Both of your Primary and Secondary Skills will be 3PT Shooting. This build is all about shooting and it lacks in most of other skills and attributes, but if you are looking for a 3PT shooter, this build is for you. Your skills will be as follows:

Tips and Strategies
This build seriously lacks in speed, stamina, and acceleration, but what it lacks in speed, makes up for them with precise on point 3PT Shooting and Mid-Range shooting. Use them to your advantage, stay near the loop and play as a shooter rather than a runner. Your best shot at being good with this build is to utilize your 3PT or Mid-Range Shooting as much as possible. It gives you decent passing and poor dribbling but the focus of this build is shooting.


4. Point Guard Slasher

For this build, you set a height of 6’6”. It will give you a speed and acceleration boost which is what this build seriously lacks because this is a build focused on shooting.

Maximize the wingspan for this build.

Maximize the weight for this build.

Archetype – Defending Slasher
For this build, the Archetype will be Defending Slasher. For this build, your Primary Skill needs to be Driving and Finishing while your secondary builds will be Defending. It is good for defending two guards. Your skills will be as follows:

Tips and Strategies
This build is made for Defense. It features the highest Vertical of any other build. Your player can easily lock anyone down. It also features decent dribbling. The only thing this build lacks is shooting. High Speed and High Stamina gives massive chances of potentially tackling any player on the field.

Use the high defending to your advantage and stay at Point Guard, no one will be able to get past you. Shooting is not your thing with this build, so you’d better avoid shooting, as you will miss many good opportunities. Stick to defending, nobody can get past you.


Youtuber ShakeDown2012 also shares with you his TOP 5 Dual Archetypes in NBA 2K18:


Finally, all the archetypes mentioned above are based on personal opinions, you can use it as reference for your custom NBA 2K18 character. Picking what you like to play as is the most important thing, we hope you do your research, you will find your way to dominate and have fun.

For more help on NBA 2K18, please stay tuned.




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