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NBA 2K18: Hands-On Impression and Gameplay on Nintendo Switch

For many sports gamers, they are about to get their first real incentive to purchase a Nintendo Switch system. Because this year, NBA 2K18 releases for the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in September.



Last Thursday, at the NBA 2K18 preview event in New York City, Brian Mazique had an opportunity to play the game on the Switch. It was easily the best portable sports gaming experience he has had. The last time he had played NBA 2K18 it was on an early build for the PS4.

It is very fun to play NBA 2K18 on the Switch, it's slightly different than playing on the PS4, but the differences are very minimal.



NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch will be the first sports game to release on the same day as the other versions, and the game will come to the Nintendo Switch system with all of the features it carries on the PS4 and XB1, it is the first time for any Switch sports game to do so. So 2K18 on the Switch will have MyTeam with its two new modes: Pack and Playoffs and Super-Max, and MyCareer with its Neighborhood concept, and MyGM, MyLeague, and other modes are also supposed to be featured on the Switch.

Brian is not sure if all of the roster editing and sharing options will make it to the Switch, or the every Neighborhood feature will be in, but local four-player action will be exclusive to Nintendo. With four Switches, friends can link together to engage in some Play Now action.

There was a slight visual disparity between the PS4 version and the Switch, but it is almostly unnoticeable, especially on a smaller screen. The controls were so smooth and intuitive, you can feel every gameplay tweak the development team has put into this year's game to let the players enjoy the better game experience.



But Brian also has some worries with the Switch version. NBA 2K18 appears to be a huge game, it would be very dependent on server strength. The latency or connectivity issues might curtail the product's enormous potential.

If everything goes well, there is no other game available on the Switch that is as deep as 2K18. It is set up to function as 7 games in one, and that's an experience that is attractive for a home console, but it's mind blowing for a mobile game.

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