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LeBron James Is the Highest-Rated Player in NBA 2K18 So Far

Even though Kevin Durant beat LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers for the NBA title last season, he couldn't quite clip James in "NBA 2K18". According to Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade’s tweet on Tuesday, James’ rating was bumped up to a 97, this is the highest overall NBA 2K18 rating among those released so far.




As LeBron’s close friend and former teammate, Dwyane Wade was none too pleased with his rating being lower than LeBron, but at least, he has a sense of humor about the matter.



In fact, most players seem to disagree with their ratings and believe that the number should be higher than it actually is.


As for James, he climbs ahead of Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Stephen Curry at the top of the rating list, and all is right with the world in that regard. If anything, someone will probably complain about James’ rating being too low at 97 overall, but everyone has flaws, even if LeBron’s don’t manifest too often. He isn’t the reigning NBA Finals MVP but NBA 2K18’s stance is pretty clear here.


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