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How to Earn VC Fast in NBA 2K18

VC (Virtual Currency) in the NBA 2K18 is a thing that dictate and determine much of how interact with the game. In this year, it relies on VC more than any previous title in the series, one of the places you’ll spend most of your VC will be in the MyCareer mode. Everything from raising your stats to decorating your crib is bound to VC, and Virtual Currency is the only way to skip some of the game’s most boring content. In order to get a solid footing in the game, a steady flow of Virtual Currency is crucial for gamers. If you didn’t pre-order the game or you don’t want to buy VC directly from the store, you will have to grind for it through various tasks around the game. MmoGah shares this guide to help you make a bunch of VC quickly and more efficiently.



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Earn VC in NBA 2K18 MyCareer

Head to the neighborhood and jump into some games, this is the easiest place to earn a good amount of VC, whether you play pick-up games in the park or NBA games with your player, you are guaranteed a minimum of 500 VC for these activities. While performance will boost up the amount you’ll receive. Just get into a game and play, you will get a good amount of VC. As you progress, you’ll notice that some other options will be available to you. Be smart and take the endorsement and tasks that are given to you by your manager, these will offer up different amounts of VC during your time in this mode. These are another steady way to earn Virtual Currency for you to reinvest in your player, so make sure to take advantage of them.


Grind VC in MyLeague

Time is money, if you don’t want to go through the process of grinding your VC out, there are some shortcuts for you. In MyLeague, you can set up you franchise and play out a whole NBA season. It is also a mode that will get you some easy VC if you tweak a couple of settings. 

  • Set your quarter length to the max 12 minutes
  • Change the game speed to 100
  • Simulate your game then end the simulation right before the 4th quarter ends jump in and finish the game manually.

You’ll get credit for finishing the match, and because the game isn’t basing your VC return on your performance, it will grant you a fair amount due to the length of the game played. It’s a sneaky way to circumvent some of the systems at play but if you don’t have much time to earn it in the old fashioned way, this is a reasonable alternative. 


Earn VC in NBA 2K18 2KTV

Maybe this way is the most underrated one, it’s a smart way for 2K to share information and most definitely a smart way to incentivize people watching, but you can get an easy VC by answering trivia questions throughout each episode. You’ll get 50 VC for any answer you give and if you get it right, your prize will be 100 VC. 


Download MyNBA2K18 Phone App to Earn VC

Everything in this app is here to give you free stuff. Open and log in the app every day you will get VC; Do the “Pick and Win” game and get VC; Play the card based game and you win VC. You can earn up to 500 VC every day by using MyNBA2K18, that’s 3,500 every week.


Vazahify shows you his way to make VC fast


We hope that these tips are helpful for you to earn VC fast. Please keep checking back on this page for more NBA 2K18 news, tips and guide.




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