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How NBA 2K18 Will Be Affected by the New NBA Rule Changes

Michel Z Date: 2017-07-17 Views: 7701 nba 2k18nba rule changesmt coinsnba 2k18 coinsnba 2k17 mt

Last Wednesday, Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, announced some significant NBA rule changes. What are the changes about? How could the rule changes affect NBA 2K18? So let’s discuss.



Trade Deadline Moved Up

For next season, the trade deadline is moving up to the Thursday 10 days prior to Sunday’s All-Star Game in 2018, the All-Star Game will be on Feb. 18 in Los Angeles and the trade deadline will be Feb. 8. In NBA 2K18’s MyGM Mode, it doesn’t mean a lot, it will just come earlier than usually.


Timeout Streamlining 

The major goal of the Competition Committee is to smooth out the flow of games, here are the modified timeout rules that is set to go effect for next season:


• Teams will only get 14 total timeouts, with no restrictions per half.

• Both “full” and “20-second” timeouts have been replaced by team timeouts, all team timeouts will be 75 seconds. 

• There will be two mandatory timeouts in all four periods, mandatory timeouts will take place after the first stoppage under the seven- and three-minute marks.

• The under-nine-minute mandatory timeouts in the second and fourth periods will be eliminated.

• Each team can enter the fourth period with up to four team timeouts. 

• Each team will be limited to two team timeouts after the later of (i) the three-minute mark of the fourth period or (ii) the resumption of play after the second mandatory timeout of the fourth period. 

• Previously, each team has three timeouts per overtime period. But for the next season, there will be two.

• If a free throw shooter venturing beyond the three-point line between attempts, it will be assessed as a delay-of-game violation.

• Halftime will last 15 minutes for all games, beginning immediately upon expiration of the second period. If a team is not ready to start play at the expiration of the halftime clock, a delay-of-game penalty will be issued.


In NBA 2K17, the longer TO allows to adjust strategy, but late in the game it seems especially choppy. Now, the NBA has changed the timeout rules. This is a welcome change for NBA 2K18, simply because the game is complicated enough especially for newbies. Balancing time outs, the types of time outs, and the coach constantly stopping play during a particularly bad “run” can really slow the game down – especially in OT. These changes should hopefully fix that.


There are also two changes won’t affect NBA 2K18. Players who wander beyond the 3-point line, or teams who aren’t ready to play after a 15 minute halftime, will be assessed a delay-of-game penalty. Both of these things are fundamentally impossible in NBA 2K, so these changes will probably have no affect on the flow of gameplay.


So, for NBA and NBA 2K fans, these rule changes will have a minor – but noticeable affect on the game, resulting in a better flowing, easier to follow game with less fits and starts.


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