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Difference between MT and VC in NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 was released worldwide in September 2016 and it has attracted a lot of fans from both NBA games and 2K Sports. Every day, many new gamers join in this game. We've listed some common questions and answers below for those who are new to NBA 2K17.



Q: What is the difference between MT and VC, and how do I spend them?

A: NBA 2K17 MT and NBA 2K17 VC are 2 different currencies. With VC you can only buy packs and contracts; With MT you can purchase everything. The best way to turn VC into MT is to buy the cheapest packs and sell everything you got on the Auction House. With the MT you can buy all the players you want on the AH. You can also try your luck on more expensive packs but the opportunity to get a good card is very little.

VC is a shortened form of Virtual Currency, which you can earn throughout the various game modes in NBA 2K17 to spend on a wide variety of content in the game. VC is spent within the game store, on things like MyPLAYER attributes, virtual goods such as uniforms and equipment, apparel and animation packages that grant your character new moves to perform.

VC can be spent in many game modes, including MyCAREER (for apparel, signature animation packages and more), MyTEAM (for opening packs and more) and MyGM.

There are several ways to earn VC. You can earn NBA 2K17 Virtual Currency in MyCareer mode, the MyNBA2K17 App, and MyLeague. To earn extra Virtual Currency in MyCareer Mode, you need to be online first as it allows players to collect points when they sign endorsement deals. Your NBA2K17 players will be able to attend meetings, practice, play games, and raise the difficulty to accumulate extra VC. Another way to earn NBA 2K17 Virtual Currency in MyCareer Mode is playing on a higher difficulty level, just like finishing games as quickly as possible on the Hall of Fame difficulty. Try to earn an A+, and it will bring 1,000+ VC each time. If you’re not ready for this difficulty, turn it down a notch and you’ll still make it close to 1,000 VC per game.

Another way to earn VC is to download the MyNBA2K17 App for IOS and Android. You can get 500 VC by downloading. Once your player data is in sync with the app, you will be given out daily challenges for a certain amount of time to complete for VC awards. An additional bonus is you’ll increase your player’s stats at the same time.

The third way is simulating games in MyLeague mode. To simulate games that last longer than a regular one will help to improve your players and your VC. Simulations also save you a lot of training time and mistakes on the court. Another big tip for gaining VC is don’t be afraid to experiment with your player’s archetype. There are multiple modes to play in MyLeague that can turn your player’s gameplay into extra virtual currency payouts.

However, you are also able to spend real money on VC. There are multiple options for purchasing VC based on the amount you would like to get.

As for MT, the other currency, we’ll share more knowledge about it in NBA 2K17 News page next time. If you want to get more MT in the shortest time, please visit our NBA 2K17 MT Coins page. MmoGah has been specializing in producing Virtual Currency for over 10 years and our service enjoys a high reputation in this line. MmoGah is waiting for your orders now.

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